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posted in October 2010
USB - the car-consumer connection
Design How-To  
10/29/2010   3 comments
In automotive environments, USB interface technology is about to conquer the pole position among competitive technologies. At chip level, the supporting infrastructure is already available.
Interconnect pushed China super to #1
News & Analysis  
10/28/2010   26 comments
A homegrown, ultrafast interconnect chip set was part of the secret sauce behind the Tianhe-1a, the first China-built system to be named the world's fastest supercomputer.
ARM TechCon Teardown Smackdown: Dell Streak vs. The Archos 7
10/26/2010   11 comments
The promo for this ARM TechCon event is actually a bit misleading: “Which tablet PC will come out on top? Watch as EE Times Editors Brian Fuller and Patrick Mannion dissect the inner workings of the devices and explore which is the strongest contender, based on speed, power consumption, display, features and functionality.”
STMicro hits Q3 target, names new COO
News & Analysis  
10/26/2010   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics reported revenue for the third quarter in line with consensus analyst expectations and said it expects further growth in sales in the fourth quarter despite softening of demand in some market applications.
Analog Devices' ADM3052 and ADM3053 CAN transceivers
Product News  
10/25/2010   Post a comment
ADI’s latest isolated CAN transceivers are said to be the first integrated devices to isolate signals and power, reducing component count by up to 80 percent and board space by up to 70 percent.
ST's SPV1001 low-loss power switch and a precision controller
Product News  
10/22/2010   Post a comment
Aimed at allowing more of the energy from each cell to reach the power grid in solar panels, STMicroelectronics has developed a product that replaces the simple bypass diode and enhances efficiency while offering the same package outline.
Consumer electronics rebounds, says iSuppli
News & Analysis  
10/15/2010   20 comments
The consumer electronics equipment and semiconductor markets are rebounding in 2010, according to analyst firm iSuppli Corp.
QuickLogic's new ArcticLink II CX CSSPs target smartphone and tablet applications
Product News  
10/13/2010   1 comment
QuickLogic's new ArcticLink II CX family of CSSPs are ideally suited to address the needs and challenges of the mobile market with regard to products such as smart phones and tablet computers...
ARM, SMIC extend partnership to 40-nm node
News & Analysis  
10/11/2010   2 comments
Processor intellectual property licensor ARM Holdings plc and Chinese foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) have announced an agreement to collaborate on the development of a physical IP library platform for SMIC 65-nm LL and 40-nm LL technology process nodes.
LG slashes Android phone to $49
News & Analysis  
10/7/2010   50 comments
LG Electronics rolled out a $49 Android handset, one of the most notable of a flood of devices using the Google software at the CTIA show.
Google in search of low-cost optics
News & Analysis  
10/5/2010   3 comments
Google proposed relaxing optical modules requirements in hopes of spawning a market for lower cost devices, but Brocade, Cisco and others expressed skepticism.
Silicon Image unveils first products supporting MHL standard SiI9244 MHL transmitter for power-sensitive mobile devices; the SiI9381A HDTV port processor for both HDMI and MHL connectivity; and the SiI9292 MHL-to-HDMI low-power bridge
Product News  
10/5/2010   Post a comment
Silicon Image has rolled out its first products that include support for the new MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) standard to deliver enhanced HD video connectivity between mobile devices and HDTVs for consumers.
Hypervisors pose challenges in developing multicore automotive electronics
Design How-To  
10/5/2010   63 comments
Partitioning, which prevents applications from interfering with each other, is vital. And achieving it without extensive software modifications is even better.
Slow growth forecast for home energy nets
News & Analysis  
10/1/2010   4 comments
Consumers are interested in more energy-efficient homes, but utilities are moving slowly into home energy networks, opening a door for independent services, according to Parks Associates

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