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posted in December 2010
Nine predictions for CES 2011
News & Analysis  
12/29/2010   10 comments
Many at CES will show an iPad-alike, no one will have much to add to 3-D Web TVs, everyone will want to partner in home nets and the AMD/Intel war will take a new turn.
Big stories to track at CES 2011
12/29/2010   4 comments
Big stories to track at CES are the rapid proliferation of tablet computers; new “superphone” devices and applications; the changing operating system landscape; and the decline of the video disc and rise of streaming video services.
Top 10 stories of 2010
Design How-To  
12/23/2010   4 comments
Here are the top 10 stories posted on Automotive Designline this year, as determined by your page views.
FMEA eases automotive ASIC design and deployment
Design How-To  
12/23/2010   3 comments
FMEA can be an overall development tool beyond its commonly accepted scope of reliability (design for production) and failure sensitivity (design for test).
My Windows roadmap for tablets and more
12/22/2010   23 comments
An ARM-based version of Windows for tablets is just the start of what Microsoft needs to deliver to keep its software franchise relevant.
Stop! Look! Win a bunch of cool development boards and tools from Microchip
12/21/2010   29 comments
I’ve been chatting to the folks at Microchip about all of the cool development boards and tools they have for different applications, and they’ve sent some to me for me to give to you…
China gets sub-$100 Android phone design
News & Analysis  
12/20/2010   10 comments
China's handset makers will be able to build sub-$100 Android phones using a new reference design created by Via Telecom and Wind River.
Evaluation platforms ease transition to MOST150
Design How-To  
12/17/2010   1 comment
Using twin evaluation platforms, Audi engineers tested all of the elements of the infotainment networking technology affected by the migration from MOST25 to MOST150.
Processing algorithms allow seamless low-distortion automotive 360° video imaging
Design How-To  
12/17/2010   6 comments
A configurable overview of a vehicle's surroundings enhances safety.
Intel, AMD CPU shares held steady in Q3
News & Analysis  
12/15/2010   1 comment
Intel and AMD fought to a third quarter stalemate in their perpetual battle for market share of the microprocessor market, according to iSuppli.
Broadcom samples next-gen set-top SoC
News & Analysis  
12/14/2010   3 comments
Broadcom Corp. is sampling a 40nm set-top box SoC it claims has twice the performance of its current products, thanks in part to a multithreaded MIPS core.
Imagination ports Android to Meta processor
News & Analysis  
12/10/2010   5 comments
Multimedia processor IP licensor Imagination Technologies plc has announced Android support for its Meta multi-threaded, multicore processor family, including Meta-connected application platform solutions.
Intelligent multiplexer upgrades automotive lighting high side drivers
Design How-To  
12/10/2010   1 comment
Control and diagnostics of lighting functions are some of the growing tasks performed by modern body control modules. An intelligent multiplexer would provide a solution to their ever increasing requirements in terms of pulse width modulation channels, diagnostics, and system reliability in automotive lighting applications.
Broadcom rolls Ethernet timing chips
News & Analysis  
12/10/2010   5 comments
Broadcom is sampling a set of chips to enable a new IEEE standard for precise timing over Ethernet targeting a range of systems for service provider, data center and smart grid networks.
Mobile tsunami makes landfall in 2011
12/9/2010   15 comments
New platforms from Google (two of them), RIM, HP, Intel/Nokia and more have all been spotted not far off the California shore.
ISuppli: PC recovery remained on track in Q3
News & Analysis  
12/7/2010   Post a comment
Worldwide PC shipments grew to 88.1 million units in the third quarter, up 6.7 percent from the second quarter, according to market research firm iSuppli.
Reviews mixed on Android, Nexus upgrades
News & Analysis  
12/6/2010   10 comments
Early reviews are mixed on the Nexus S, Google's second effort at an integrated smartphone co-designed with Samsung and based on Android 2.3.
Oracle lights Sparcs, breaks database record
News & Analysis  
12/3/2010   9 comments
Oracle retook the lead in database performance executing 30 million transactions/minute and announced an upgraded Sparc processor and progress on a next-generation chip.
Monitoring systems ensure Li-ion battery safety and efficiency
Design How-To  
12/2/2010   6 comments
Devices also maximize performance and capacity usage of EV and hybrid car batteries.
The expanding floating-point performance gap between FPGAs and microprocessors
12/2/2010   4 comments
Here’s an updated version of a classic work comparing the peak performance of 64 bit floating-point calculations between FPGAs and microprocessors.
Consumer vs. medical electronics
12/2/2010   Post a comment
Medical designers could benefit from the economies of scale offered by consumer electronics. But...
Rambus sues six top chip makers
News & Analysis  
12/2/2010   12 comments
Rambus Inc. has filed multiple suits asking courts to bar imports of a wide range of chips—and systems using them--from Broadcom, Freescale, LSI, MediaTek, Nvidia and STMicroelectronics it claims infringe its patents.

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