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posted in March 2011
Reports: Google could "standardize" Android on ARM
News & Analysis  
3/31/2011   8 comments
Google Inc. may be entering talks with ARM Holdings plc about a standardization of Android operating system for an ARM-based chipset, according to a Digitimes report that references unnamed sources at notebook computer makers.
8-bit MCUs provide cost effective, efficient high-brightness LED control
Design How-To  
3/31/2011   6 comments
High-brightness LEDs are rapidly gaining popularity in the automotive, consumer, and industrial markets. But controlling luminosity efficiently and reliably is not an easy task—power stage efficiency, thermal design, and EMC are some of the most critical design challenges.
HP outfits data center with 10,000 sensors
News & Analysis  
3/30/2011   2 comments
HP has outfitted its newest data center with 10,000 sensors in an effort to turn a working site into a lab researching ways to create a greener data center.
Modern automotive voice control offers HMI convenience with safety
Design How-To  
3/28/2011   3 comments
When dense and hectic traffic situations do not permit any distraction to drivers, voice control is a useful complement to conventional HMIs. It can even give drivers control of an indispensable device for many—the smart phone—without compromising safety.
MIPS plans 64-bit multithreaded cores
News & Analysis  
3/28/2011   2 comments
Hoping to get a jump on archrival ARM, MIPS will launch this fall 64-bit synthesizable cores that support multithreading and issue multiple instructions per clock cycle.
MPU rankings: No share change seen in 2010
News & Analysis  
3/24/2011   3 comments
Microprocessor market share gain was virtually nil in 2010, as Intel continued to dominate smaller rival AMD with an estimated 81 percent market share, according to market research firm IHS iSuppli.
Xelerated's HX336 NPU reduces power consumption by 50%, rapid transition to 100GE
Product News  
3/23/2011   Post a comment
The HX336 from Xelerated is a wirespeed single-chip network processor (NPU) with advanced traffic management and deep packet buffering for 100GE/OTU4 systems, the latest addition to Xelerated's HX family of network processors. The HX336 reduces power consumption by approximately 50 percent compared to competing multi-chip packet processing and traffic management solutions.
Blasting HP, Oracle ends Itanium development
News & Analysis  
3/23/2011   10 comments
Oracle will discontinue all software development for Intel's Itanium server processors, a big blow for the CPU, mainly motivated by Oracle's competition with rival HP.
PHEV charging scheme could ease 'hybrid penalty'
Design How-To  
3/22/2011   11 comments
Plug-in users can mitigate grid demand in exchange for payment, which offsets high Li-ion battery cost.
Multicore programmers must 'think different'
News & Analysis  
3/21/2011   43 comments
Engineers need to think differently to be successful in the transition to multicore programming, according to UT professor Yale Patt in online conference this week.
Practical implications of LTE on mobile baseband architecture implementations
Design How-To  
3/21/2011   Post a comment
The processing demand from LTE is enormous and so the very latest DSP and general-purpose processor architectures must be designed to take advantage of the semiconductor capability.
Smarter solutions for in-vehicle signage and infotainment
3/21/2011   Post a comment
This white paper at the Intel Embedded Community looks at an example using the Intel Atom E600 of how an industrial-grade solution can be deployed with in-vehicle digital multimedia applications to provide rich multimedia content for instant information and entertainment delivery.
Chinese startup Brite takes broad ARM license
News & Analysis  
3/20/2011   Post a comment
Brite Semiconductor Corp., a fabless chip company and design house founded in 2008, has said it has licensed a broad portfolio of processor cores from ARM Holdings plc, including Cortex, ARM9, ARM11 and Mali graphics processors on a multi-year deal.
Capacitive sensing applications widen
Design How-To  
3/18/2011   3 comments
HMI technologies have gone through a paradigm shift. This article highlights the importance of capacitive sensing in HMI evolution as well as applications beyond automotive infotainment systems.
Intel plans sub-10W Atom server CPU
News & Analysis  
3/16/2011   8 comments
Intel will ship next year an Atom-based CPU consuming less than 10W to compete with a growing array of ARM-based chips for servers in big, power constrained data centers.
IDC forecast: Mostly cloudy with mobile chaos
News & Analysis  
3/15/2011   1 comment
IT vendors need to embrace increasingly diverse mobile devices and cloud services as the platform for the next 20 years if they are to survive, according to IDC analysts.
Multicore comms spec gets an update
News & Analysis  
3/15/2011   Post a comment
The Multicore Association has released version 2.0 of its multicore communications application programming interface specification.
AMD focuses on embedded
News & Analysis  
3/13/2011   3 comments
With the announcement of three additional low power processors targeting the embedded space, AMD has renewed its commitment to non-PC applications.
Fujitsu shapes the virtual dashboard
News & Analysis  
3/13/2011   1 comment
In next-generation vehicles, the instrument cluster will be replaced by a graphical display, enabling car designers to provide situation-sensitive information to the drivers.
Industry’s first system-on-chip two-way radio enabling cost effective digital radios
Product News  
3/13/2011   Post a comment
The MC13260 consists of an integrated 32-bit ARM-9 processor, a software defined modem, an RF transceiver and audio converters specifically designed for the two-way radio market.
Updated: Samsung fabs Apple A5 processor
News & Analysis  
3/12/2011   21 comments
Samsung is the foundry for the A5 processor used in the Apple iPad 2, according to UBM TechInsights
Photo gallery: Inside the Apple iPad 2
News & Analysis  
3/12/2011   22 comments
UBM TechInsights walks us through their teardown of the Apple iPad2 in this photo gallery of pure tech porn. Enjoy.
Inside the iPad2 and the Apple A5
News & Analysis  
3/12/2011   17 comments
UBM TechInsights explores the guts of the Apple iPad2 and Apple's new A5 microprocessor in one of the first teardowns of the new tablet.
Calxeda gives a peek into its ARM server SoC
News & Analysis  
3/11/2011   17 comments
Calxeda is developing a quad-core Cortex A9 server SoC that consumes 5W including DRAM and embeds an interconnect supporting 120 SoCs in a 2U-sized chassis.
Analyst: Intel may miss Q1 sales target
News & Analysis  
3/11/2011   10 comments
Intel is in danger of missing the midpoint of its first quarter sales target range due to multiple signs of weak PC demand from the PC supply chain, according to a Wall Street analyst.
Fragmented frame buffer graphics ease cluster display requirements
Design How-To  
3/10/2011   6 comments
A new approach removes the need to store complete frame buffers in RAM, thereby reducing RAM size needed to support large displays. This method also allows images to be stored at an optimum resolution, thus reducing the non-volatile memory requirement as well.
Google demos tablet version of Android
News & Analysis  
3/9/2011   20 comments
Google demoed Android 3.0, the first version of the mobile operating system supporting tablets, full hardware acceleration and multicore processors.
Audio design kit for 'CD-less' car audio systems
Product News  
3/9/2011   2 comments
Fujitsu Semiconductor has introduced an audio reference design kit for playback of digital audio files in CD-less car audio systems.
Remote systems require system recovery features
3/7/2011   Post a comment
In this blog post at the Intel Embedded Community, Maury Wright looks at some examples of how system reliability features have been added to systems designed for remote applications.
Intel cloud computing program on the rise
News & Analysis  
3/7/2011   10 comments
Intel expects to more than double by the end of the year the 25 reference implementations for cloud computing it has available through its Cloud Builder program.
Gartner: Tablets eat into 2011 PC sales
News & Analysis  
3/4/2011   14 comments
Gartner lowered its forecast for 2011 PC sales more than five percent citing a shift of consumer enthusiasm from mobile PCs to devices such as Apple's iPad tablets.
The iPad 2 faces dual-core tablet crowd
News & Analysis  
3/2/2011   19 comments
The iPad 2 joins a growing chorus of dual-core tablets but observers expect the new mobile system and its custom A5 system-on-chip will do well in the battle ahead.
Fujitsu's MB86R11 Emerald-L enables 360° wrap-around view for automotive sector
Product News  
3/1/2011   Post a comment
Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe has developed a driver's visual assistance technology that features an advanced wrap-around view, implemented in their MB86R11 Emerald-L chip. The video images from four cameras are combined and projected onto a virtual 3D curved surface. The images on that surface can be seen from any desired point-of-view using 3D virtual projection.

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