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posted in April 2012
Samsung tapes out Gigahertz+ ARM Cortex-A15 processor
Product News  
4/30/2012   Post a comment
Hardened core used in industry's first ARM Cortex-A15 processor-based SoC for mobile computing devices.
Huawei to give Intel LTE development support in China
News & Analysis  
4/30/2012   4 comments
Intel's aspirations selling chips for mobile equipment have received a boost with the news that Huawei has agreed to work with Intel on the testing and rapid deployment of the time division duplex format applied to Long Term Evolution standard.
PolyCore upgrades multicore development tool
Product News  
4/29/2012   3 comments
PolyCore Software Inc. (Burlingame, Calif.) has upgraded its Poly-Platform tool to version 2.0 with the inclusion of Poly-Mapper which provides control of memory used for messaging in multi-core software.
VIA Labs VL812 USB 3.0 Hub Controller features low power, low cost
Product News  
4/28/2012   Post a comment
The VL812 USB 3.0 hub controller from Via Labs, Inc., incorporates a new low-power design featuring an industry-first integrated 5V DC-DC switching regulator.
Chip execs see 20 nm variants, 3-D ICs ahead
News & Analysis  
4/27/2012   12 comments
GlobalFoundries is mulling low power and high performance variants of its 20 nm processes while several chip execs see 3-D ICs coming in 2014 and a path to 7 nm.
ARM TechCon 2012 – Call for abstracts closes on Friday 27 April 27 2012
News & Analysis  
4/26/2012   Post a comment
This year's ARM TechCon will be held October 30 – November 1, 2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.
CAST’s Talos eval kits help designers choose the best MCU Cores
Product News  
4/26/2012   1 comment
Talos Series Evaluation Kits are part of the full line of microcontroller and processor IP cores available through and supported by CAST
Samsung announces quad-core Exynos processor
4/26/2012   13 comments
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced that it is manufacturing a quad-core application processor for smartphones and tablet computers built on a 32-nm CMOS manufacturing process with high-k metal gate transistor stack.
GlobalFoundries installs gear for 20-nm TSVs
News & Analysis  
4/26/2012   5 comments
GlobalFoundries is installing gear to make through-silicon vias at 20 and 28 nm in its New York fab, hoping to take production orders in the second half of 2013.
GE's new PCIe packet processor delivers low latency, high throughput, long life
Product News  
4/26/2012   Post a comment
The WANic 66512 PCI Express Packet Processor from GE targets the High Frequency Trading (HFT) market. It leverages Cavium’s 10-core 1.5GHz OCTEON II processor to deliver very low latency and very high throughput to a broad range of applications.
Improve real-time-control system performance by 5x with these MCUs from TI
Product News  
4/25/2012   2 comments
New C compiler, motor control software library, and system examples expand access to integrated floating-point CLA co-processor for innovative, custom motor control designs.
Energy Micro unveils *giant* starter kits
Product News  
4/25/2012   Post a comment
ARM Cortex-M3 EFM32 Leopard Gecko and Giant Gecko in full volume production for memory-hungry and energy-efficient applications
MPSOC'12 advanced registration open until May 11th
News & Analysis  
4/25/2012   Post a comment
MPSoC'12 will be held on July 9-13, 2012 at Chateau Montebello Québec, Canada
3-D FPGAs enable silicon convergence
News & Analysis  
4/24/2012   7 comments
Altera says its three-dimensional FPGAs can incorporate a host of traditionally discrete components to boost system performance and minimize power consumption.
Intel exec says fabless model “collapsing”
4/24/2012   42 comments
Intel’s top process technology exec deserves kudos for excellent work to date, but he goes too far when he says the foundry model is collapsing.
ST-Ericsson rescue plan underwhelms
News & Analysis  
4/24/2012   4 comments
The plan put together to try and transform the fortunes of struggling mobile chip company ST-Ericsson NV by CEO Didier Lamouche, announced Monday (April 23), at one level makes a kind of sense but also looks like the last throw of the dice by an unlucky gambler.
China mulls national CPU architecture spec
News & Analysis  
4/23/2012   40 comments
Chinese officials have kicked off a program to define a national processor architecture that could become a requirement for projects seeking government funding.
Update: Ivy Bridge narrows AMD’s graphics lead
News & Analysis  
4/23/2012   13 comments
Intel will launch Ivy Bridge, its first CPUs using its 22nm tri-gate technology and aimed ultrabooks, narrowing archrival AMD’s lead in graphics performance.
Intel launches Ivy Bridge processor
News & Analysis  
4/23/2012   4 comments
Intel is formally launching its Ivy Bridge processor to the market. Ivy Bridge is the first device to officially come out on the company's 22-nm manufacturing process technology which includes FinFETs which are transistors built into a vertical fin of silicon.
Small 1080P signage player support DirectX 11
Product News  
4/22/2012   Post a comment
In the rapidly expanding digital signage market, the graphics performance of the Signage Player offered by Nexcom is very important for the users, especially those looking to display vibrant, HD content.
Eeeek! Microchip Technology acquires roving networks
News & Analysis  
4/20/2012   3 comments
This acquisition expands Microchip’s wireless offerings with additional embedded WiFi capabilities and new Bluetooth connectivity options for PIC microcontrollers
Inward looking Renesas needs to spin outward
4/19/2012   14 comments
Whatever happened to the proposed merger of Japan’s chip vendors reported earlier this year? If you’ve been thinking that this big deal was idle, media-led speculation, I beg to differ. This baby’s still in the womb.
Startup tips self-healing secure CPU built on Cortus
Product News  
4/19/2012   2 comments
French startup StarChip, a developer of application-specific processors that was founded in 2009, has announced the development of the ARX 32-bit secure core for use in payment and identification markets. ARX is based on the APS3s 32-bit RISC processor from Cortus.
Intel says 25% of shipments will be on 22-nm in Q2
News & Analysis  
4/18/2012   8 comments
Intel's 22-nm manufacturing process technology with FinFET transistors will be inside 25 percent of Intel's volume shipments in the second quarter of 2012, according to Stacy Smith, Intel chief financial officer, speaking on a conference call to discuss the company's first quarter financial results.
Google describes its OpenFlow network
News & Analysis  
4/17/2012   3 comments
Google gave a rare peek inside its data center networks to show the OpenFlow standard it backs for software-defined networks is ready for commercial use.
ARM tips availability of Seahawk A15 hard macro
News & Analysis  
4/17/2012   3 comments
ARM has announced the availability of Seahawk, a Cortex-A15 processor designed as a quad-core hard macro for implementation in the 28HPM process from foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Google may bundle MIPS support with Android
News & Analysis  
4/17/2012   11 comments
Google is expected to boost support in Android for MIPS Technologies, giving the company a badly needed boost in the hot smartphone and tablet sector.
ARM POPs for better designs
Product News  
4/16/2012   Post a comment
ARM extends their Processor Optimization Packs to help customers get better design solutions with lower levels of risk…
ST's tiny antenna-sharing IC enables fastest GPS performance
Product News  
4/15/2012   Post a comment
The DIP1524 from STMicroelectronics is a tiny 1.14 mm2 antenna-sharing IC for 4G smartphones capable of delivering high signal strength to several RF receivers simultaneously.
Axiomtek's low-power Intel Atom D525 network appliance platform targets SOHO market
Product News  
4/14/2012   Post a comment
The NA-340 from Axiomtek is a compact, low-power, 1U-type network appliance with six Gigabit LANs and utilizing Intel's dual-core Atom processor D525 at 1.8 GHz with Intel ICH8M PCH chipset.
Nvidia calls for move to 450mm wafers
News & Analysis  
4/12/2012   6 comments
A top Nvidia engineer called for a move to 450mm wafers as one part of the solution to the growing complexity, cost and time-to-market challenges in chip design.
Sensor architecture allows real-time auto emissions monitoring, Pt. 1
Design How-To  
4/12/2012   10 comments
As opposed to current periodic emission-control system testing—sensors, MCUs, and memory come together in an updated approach to real-time exhaust monitoring for improved pollution control.
Analysts start Intel Ivy Bridge CPU teardown
News & Analysis  
4/11/2012   5 comments
UBM TechInsights started a teardown analysis of an Ivy Bridge processor, Intel’s first 22nm 3-D transistor chip, before the CPU is formally launched.
UBM TechInsights looks inside Intel's latest Ivy Bridge processor
News & Analysis  
4/11/2012   1 comment
An industry-first by Intel, 3D Tri-Gate technology makes processors possible at the 22nm process node and beyond…
Tips for testing processor cores
Design How-To  
4/11/2012   Post a comment
You can structure the test aspects of the processor core in a manner that makes them effective and predictable.
IBM rolls integrated data center system
News & Analysis  
4/11/2012   9 comments
IBM announced PureSystem, the next major generation of its blade server design that packs servers, storage and networking into one box.
2D vs. 2.5D vs. 3D ICs 101
Design How-To  
4/8/2012   33 comments
There’s a lot of confusion in this area, so I decided to pen a few words on the subject to explain the way in which I see things...
Digi International and Wind River cooperate on cloud-connected wireless M2M solutions
News & Analysis  
4/8/2012   Post a comment
Digi International and Wind River will jointly deliver a new family of cloud-connected wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, the M2M Solution Builder kits, including a combination of hardware, software, cloud connectivity and access to tailored M2M development services.
Embedded Software Boot Camp – Early registration deadline approaching
Programmable Logic DesignLine Blog  
4/5/2012   Post a comment
The Barr Group’s embedded Software Boot Camp course is coming up on May 7-11 at Hanover, Maryland (near the BWI Airport)
SparkFun promotes electronics in schools with East Coast tour
Engineering Pop Culture!  
4/5/2012   1 comment
The SparkFun Crew will travel from Massachusetts to South Carolina spreading the Embedded Electronics Love
Book Review: Hacker’s Delight by Henry S. Warren, Jr.
Engineer’s Bookshelf  
4/5/2012   5 comments
This is the book if you delight in subtle programming tricks and small algorithms that can be used to make your code “tighter” and more efficient...
Free on-demand webinar: New V1 Coldfire+ MCUs
News & Analysis  
4/3/2012   Post a comment
The ColdFire+ Qx and Jx families bring new features to the ColdFire portfolio
Energy Micro EFM32 Gecko MCU ideal for e-paper displays
News & Analysis  
4/3/2012   2 comments
This particular news item pushed a lot of my “hot buttons” because…
Mobile device chip market grew 20% in 2011, says ABI
News & Analysis  
4/2/2012   2 comments
Sales revenue from chipsets designed for mobile devices increased by more than 20 percent to $35 billion in 2011, while the total semiconductor market achieved 2 percent year-on-year growth, according to market analysis firm ABI Research.
Super robot able to leap buildings in a single bound!
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
4/2/2012   3 comments
If you think you've seen all possible forms of robotic locomotion, think again.
BYT-ON – World’s first graphene-based processor (graphene-based FPGAs to follow)
Engineering Pop Culture!  
4/1/2012   16 comments
Digital Core Design, the world-famous design laboratory in Bytom, Poland, has developed the world’s first processor made of graphene – the BYT-ON.

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