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posted in January 2011
DesignCon2011 preview
Social Mania  
1/31/2011   Post a comment
A preview of events at DesignCon2011 in Santa Clara, Calif.
Chips with integrated optical interconnects coming…eventually
Semi Conscious  
1/31/2011   2 comments
A panel discussion at last week's SPIE Photonics West 2011 conference highlighted the progress--and distance to go--of integrated 3-D chips combining logic, memory and optical interconnects.
Intel commits $200 million to Obama startup plan
News & Analysis  
1/31/2011   8 comments
Intel Corp. has joined President Obama's Startup America campaign to strengthen entrepreneurship in the United States and, through Intel Capital, has pledged to invest an additional $200 million in U.S. technology companies and joined the campaign's board of advisors.
CSEM Brasil receives USD 8 million for microsystems-based agricultural research
News & Analysis  
1/31/2011   1 comment
The Brazilian development bank BNDES approved funding of US$ 8M for the Innovation Center CSEM Brasil, Belo Horizonte, to develop technological systems for crop monitoring and to set-up an applied-research facility in nanotechnology, microsystems and sensors.
An embedded solution for medical device interoperability
Design How-To  
1/28/2011   13 comments
Understand some of the issues and solutions to this challenging problem
Multicore architectures efficiently enhance automotive body electronics
Design How-To  
1/28/2011   Post a comment
The increasing use of electronics in automobiles faces hurdles as the continuing need for more performance confronts the reality of the power required to achieve that performance.
Europe awards contract to assess 450-mm pilot line
News & Analysis  
1/27/2011   Post a comment
Two consultancy firms with expertise in the semiconductor industry – Future Horizons Ltd. and Decision SA – have been awarded a one-year joint contract to assess the benefits of a 450-mm semiconductor prototyping line being located in Europe.
Tech's turn on top
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
1/27/2011   6 comments
Technology grabbed the majority of time in President Obama's State of the Union speech. But where do we go from here?
Intel pumps $100M into new research model
News & Analysis  
1/26/2011   7 comments
Intel will invest an additional $100 million in U.S. university research over the next five years, using a new model that gives it more control of the focus and outcomes.
MEMS market to grow 9.5% in 2011, says IHS
News & Analysis  
1/26/2011   1 comment
The global market for MEMS devices is set to grow 9.5 percent in 2011 to reach a value of $7.73 billion, according to market research company IHS iSuppli.
GaN depo process said to make brighter LEDs
News & Analysis  
1/26/2011   5 comments
Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a gallium nitride deposition process said to result in 1,000 times fewer defects, thereby boosting the output of light-emitting diodes as well as other GaN devices such as power transistors.
Single-chip receiver works with multiple satellite navigation systems
Product News  
1/24/2011   Post a comment
Stand alone receiver targets greater accuracy and sensitivity for In-car navigation, telematics, and portable navigation devices.
Intelligent environments for transportation
Design How-To  
1/24/2011   2 comments
This article highlights some of the mechanisms in roadways and intelligent vehicles that help enable traveler safety.
MEMS-based tracking tags to bring biobanking to mass market
News & Analysis  
1/24/2011   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics and Bluechiip are to cooperate to bring Bluechiip's patented tracking tag concept into mass production for healthcare and a wide range of other applications including biobanking - the identification, tracking, retrieving, monitoring and storing of human biospecimens.
Italian scientists claim cold fusion success
1/24/2011   85 comments
Two Italian scientists have reported that they have successfully created a cold fusion reaction that produces energy at temperatures below 1000K through the fusion of nickel and hydrogen.
Nanotape could make solder pads obsolete
News & Analysis  
1/24/2011   24 comments
Solder pads could soon be made obsolete by a new nanotape material created by the Semiconductor Research Corporation and Stanford University.
R&D contractor raises $6 million
1/21/2011   3 comments
Presto Engineering Inc., a company which has pioneered contract R&D services for semiconductor companies, has said it has received $6 million in funding to support. The funding round was led by CM-CIC Capital Prive and included existing investor Masseran Gestion.
Thin Film designs addressable plastic memory
1/21/2011   1 comment
Thin Film Electronics ASA has announced it has designed a 128-bit thin film addressable memory in a printable plastic material in collaboration with the Palo Alto Research Center of Xerox (PARC).
Latest 32-bit RISC architecture for automotive expands functionality
Design How-To  
1/21/2011   2 comments
During the 15 years since it was launched, Renesas V850 architecture has become a dominant architecture in the automotive electronics area. This Product How-To describes the features, including a SIMD coprocessor, incorporated into the latest variant, the V850E2H.
Oxford forms 10 billion qubits in silicon
1/21/2011   4 comments
Scientists from Oxford University have generated 10 billion bits of quantum entanglement in silicon for the first time. The achievement is a significant step towards a quantum computer, according to the research team.
'Universal' memory aims to replace flash/DRAM
News & Analysis  
1/21/2011   24 comments
A single "universal" memory technology that combines the speed of DRAM with the non-volatility and density of flash memory was recently invented at North Carolina State University, according to researchers.
MOST150 boosts infotainment capabilities
Design How-To  
1/20/2011   Post a comment
Full-service data-transfer technology ranges from multimedia entertainment (via personal mobile consumer devices) to driver assistance systems.
UMC adds CMOS-MEMS sensors to foundry model
News & Analysis  
1/20/2011   1 comment
Foundry chipmaker United Microelectronics Corp. has started producing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensor products for customers and has volume production scheduled for later this year. The achievement follows three years of MEMS technology development. UMC said.
Brightest nanoparticles shun quantum
News & Analysis  
1/19/2011   23 comments
Researchers who claim to have developed the brightest nanoparticles say they have potential applications in medicine, biology, material science, and environmental protection.
3-D gesture control breaks out of the game box
Special Report  
1/19/2011   11 comments
It's not just child's play: MEMS sensor-based gesture recognition is extending its reach to smartphones and taking hold of the TV remote.
Plastic Logic to get $700 million in Russian deal
News & Analysis  
1/18/2011   8 comments
Plastic Logic, a struggling venture capital backed company, which specializes in organic electronics, is set to receive $700 million in deal backed by Rusnano, the technology investment arm of the Russian state.
Chip-scale atomic clock approaches performance of modules
News & Analysis  
1/18/2011   2 comments
Symmetricom SA 45s CSAC uses innovative concept and execution, enables portable applications
Chip-scale atomic clock approaches performance of modules, far exceeds TXCOs
Product News  
1/18/2011   5 comments
Symmetricom SA 45s CSAC uses innovative concept and execution, enables portable applications
Startup develops printable, low-cost solar cell
News & Analysis  
1/18/2011   6 comments
Oxford Photovoltaics Ltd., a company recently spun out from the University of Oxford has developed a solar cell technology that is manufactured from low-cost, abundant, non-toxic and non-corrosive materials and can be scaled to any volume.
What's after NAND?
1/18/2011   5 comments
Seems to me that everyone is speculating on the future of NAND flash these days, and how it will affect the existing storage market.
Software defined radio: defining the challenges
Design How-To  
1/18/2011   10 comments
Software defined radio (SDR) has become a hot topic in the industry and is seen as a solution for many of the development problems for new radio platforms. But what is really meant by software defined radio?
CEA-Leti ramps up 300-mm 3-D fab
News & Analysis  
1/17/2011   4 comments
France's CEA-Leti research center in Grenoble has begun to ramp up production on its 300-mm wafer fabrication facility dedicated to 3D-integration applications.
Solid-state quantum memory unveiled
News & Analysis  
1/14/2011   12 comments
Broadband quantum networks inched closer to reality when researchers demonstrated the ability to transfer quantum-bits from entangled photons to solid-state crystalline memory devices.
AUTOSAR software handles CAN/MOST gateway implementation
Design How-To  
1/13/2011   5 comments
Because interfacing to a MOST bus is not yet defined in AUTOSAR, a solution must be found for implementing a CAN/MOST gateway. Here are three approaches, with the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Microfluidic pumps focus liquid lens
News & Analysis  
1/13/2011   5 comments
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has shown a liquid lens with a focal length that can be electrically adjusted with tiny microfluidic pistons with no moving parts, a breakthrough it says could boost all types of precision imaging applications.
Optical control of graphene supports sensors
1/11/2011   1 comment
The team of scientists has published research showing how light can be used to control the electrical properties of graphene and is claiming the move marks progress in the development of graphene devices.
Choose the optimal system software for your medical devices
Design How-To  
1/10/2011   1 comment
Deciding whether you need an RTOS, a general-purpose OS, or whether you should “roll your own” depends on the features and functions you require
An EE Times CES compendium
News & Analysis  
1/10/2011   4 comments
Herewith is a compendium of EE Times coverage of and from the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas, Jan. 6 to 9.
Nissan Chemical joins Sematech’s resist center
News & Analysis  
1/10/2011   Post a comment
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd., has joined Sematech’s Resist Materials and Development Center (RMDC) at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) of the University at Albany to collaborate on advanced adhesion enhancing materials in extreme ultraviolet lithography for 22nm chips.
Freescale magnetometer shrinks e-compass for mobile gear
Product News  
1/10/2011   Post a comment
Electronic compasses can now be built with a magnetometer that Freescale Semiconductor claims is smaller and less power-hungry than competing devices.
UT printed electronics has build-up research
News & Analysis  
1/10/2011   Post a comment
The University of Texas at El Paso wants to become a center for research in printing electronics using a bottom-up additive approach. The center is being funded by the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, Lockheed Martin and the University of Texas System for an initial total $9 million.
Automotive connectors evolve to meet complex demands and EV challenges
Design How-To  
1/7/2011   1 comment
While initially adapted from industrial designs, the increasing complexity of automotive electronics has created demands for interconnects that vary greatly from the traditional pin-and-socket connectors—and can adapt to electric and hybrid vehicles.
Color imaging reveals graphene defects
News & Analysis  
1/6/2011   4 comments
A new metrology technique simplifies characterization of atomic scale carbon sheets.
U.S. needs converged R&D play in life sciences
News & Analysis  
1/4/2011   4 comments
The United States should capitalize on the trend of convergence of life, physical, and engineering sciences to foster the innovation necessary to meet the growing demand for accessible, affordable health care.
Top 10 RF/microwave design articles for 2010
Design How-To  
1/4/2011   Post a comment
Drum roll please! It has been a great year on the RF and Microwave Designline. Here are the Top 10 articles, as voted by your page turns...
1,000 processors on a Xilinx FPGA
News & Analysis  
1/4/2011   15 comments
Scientists at the University of Glasgow have created a 1,000-core computer processor based on a Xilinx field programmable gate array.

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