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posted in January 2013
IBM's Watson goes to college
News & Analysis  
1/31/2013   4 comments
A general-purpose version of the IBM Watson supercomputer that won on the game show Jeopardy will be installed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
EU funds research on graphene, brain-like chips
Design How-To  
1/29/2013   Post a comment
EU's administrative arm earmarks $1.6 billion for two high-profile semiconductor research initiatives.
UMC, Stats ChipPac team for 3-D IC demo
Design How-To  
1/29/2013   8 comments
No need keep everything related to 3-D IC manufacture with one supplier, say a foundry and packaging service provider who have made a demonstration 3-D IC stack.
London Calling: Flash Forward at the leading edge?
1/29/2013   4 comments
What is the 1Y generation and who makes the world's most miniaturized chips? Is it Intel, Samsung? Or is it Flash Forward Ltd. of Japan, a joint venture between SanDisk and Toshiba?
Multi-junction is key to record solar efficiency
Design How-To  
1/29/2013   3 comments
Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have developed a triple-junction solar cell which they claim has the potential to achieve more than 50-percent power conversion efficiency.
Electronics manufacturing services opportunities in the medical industry
Design How-To  
1/28/2013   Post a comment
Electronic content in medical devices is increasing rapidly. Medical OEMs are under pressure to restructure growth strategies and product portfolios. Demand for affordable medical devices, convergence of electronics, and rising cost pressures have helped bolster EMS providers’ participation in the last few years.
Video: Brain control aids disabled
Design How-To  
1/25/2013   1 comment
Researchers report progress in using electronics to allow paralyzed patients to regain control of their limbs.
Graphene enables electro-opto-mechanics
Design How-To  
1/25/2013   Post a comment
Researchers say breakthrough can allow graphene to be combined with polymers for electro-mechanical applications such as artificial muscles for robots.
Cambridge jumps into graphene research race
News & Analysis  
1/25/2013   3 comments
Cambridge University plans to open a graphene research center next week to work in parallel with the UK's National Graphene Institute.
Smart sensor packs motion sensing and intelligence into 9 mm3
Product News  
1/24/2013   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics is getting ready to sample an ultra-compact 3-axis accelerometer with embedded microcontroller for advanced motion-recognition capabilities and sensor hub.
Intel's 450-mm wafer spend starts in 2013
Design How-To  
1/24/2013   6 comments
Intel has set a capital expenditure budget of $2 billion in 2013 related to the construction of the company's first development facility for 450-mm diameter wafers. The core capex was maintained at about $11 billion.
Telehealth revenues to soar in 2013
Design How-To  
1/23/2013   Post a comment
By 2017, technology to track health is expected to reach 1.8 million patients worldwide, according to IHS iSuppli.
Top 10 disruptive startup tech plays
1/23/2013   14 comments
A server startup, photovoltaics, new DRAM applications, and IoT are all going to change the shape of electronics in 2013.
Stars of DesignCon: Analog art unravels high-speed digital woes
Design How-To  
1/23/2013   Post a comment
Now that digital circuits are operating at radio frequencies, analog techniques used to smooth TV, microwave, satellite and radar transmissions can help smooth duty cycle errors in modern clock circuits.
Cadence and Imec introduce 3D IC Memory on logic DFT
1/22/2013   1 comment
There are several hurdles to overcome before 3D IC become common place and today Cadence and Imec say they have filled one of those holes with a DFT solution targeted at Memory on Logic chips…
Embedded vision boosts driver-assistance designs
Design How-To  
1/22/2013   1 comment
Automakers look to a common ‘smart’ platform from which they can introduce and deploy driver assistance systems. Embedded vision technologies are one approach.
Imprint litho firm claims 450-mm first
News & Analysis  
1/18/2013   8 comments
An imprint lithography machine from Texas-based Molecular Imprints has been used for full patterning of 450-mm diameter wafers. The company claims the machine could shorten the transition to 450-mm wafer processing by two years.
Slideshow: Intel Lights 100G Interconnects at Facebook Summit
News & Analysis  
1/17/2013   31 comments
Open Compute Summit saw an engineering kicker for data center servers via samples of 100 Gbit/s silicon photonics interconnect modules.
Intel Mauls Malware with Hardware Security
1/17/2013   3 comments
Protection paradigm is shifting from pattern recognition to behavioral techniques, says Intel Labs director of security research Sridhar Iyengar.
Stars of DesignCon: Thermal Co-Design Key to 3D Chip Success
Design How-To  
1/16/2013   Post a comment
3D-IC designs that are temperature aware are essential for next-generation stacked dice.
Texas fab licenses bonding for 3-D ICs
Design How-To  
1/16/2013   1 comment
Specialty foundry Novati Technologies Inc. has licensed a family of direct oxide bonding technique from Ziptronix for use in the assembly of 3-D components.
Facebook's ex-Google guy talks social search
1/16/2013   12 comments
Social media giant's search engineering lead on developing Facebook’s Graph Search and why it won’t be another Google Wave.
Behind Ford's lithium-ion decision
Design How-To  
1/15/2013   3 comments
LiOn has an advantage on NiMH in ways just now becoming clear.
RF MEMS startup gains funds and veteran CEO
Design How-To  
1/15/2013   Post a comment
Additional investors and funds have accompanied the arrival of a veteran CEO at RF MEMS startup DelfMEMS as the company seeks to gain design wins in front-ends smartphones and tablet computers.
MIT power management spin-off raises funds
Design How-To  
1/14/2013   5 comments
Strategic investors and VCs provide $9.6 million of Series A funding to Arctic Sands, a spin-off fabless chip company from MIT developing power management technology.
DesignCon SMEs: Tough Path to 25G+ High-Speed Signals
News & Analysis  
1/11/2013   5 comments
A hornet's nest of issues -- crosstalk, loss, and noise -- are challenges on the road to 40G and beyond.
Reports: Globalfoundries hints at $10-bn fab location
Design How-To  
1/11/2013   11 comments
Foundry chip maker is planning to invest $10 billion in a next-generation wafer fab possibly next to its existing Fab 8 in upstate New York, according to local reports quoting CEO Ajit Manocha.
Stars of DesignCon: Inside-out test verifies low-power SoCs
Design How-To  
1/9/2013   Post a comment
A new inside-out testing regime aids in verification of power management designs for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, as well as "big iron" even though its plugged into the wall.
Globalfoundries plans New York R&D center
News & Analysis  
1/9/2013   Post a comment
Foundry chipmaker has said it will build a $2 billion dollar Technology Development Center to strengthen R&D into subjects ranging from masks to silicon to packaging.
DesignCon Delivers iPad, Android Apps
News & Analysis  
1/8/2013   Post a comment
Get mobile enabled for the chip & systems conference, Jan. 28-31 in Santa Clara.
MEMS tackles contextual awareness
News & Analysis  
1/8/2013   3 comments
Invensense's Contextual Awareness System Development Kit works with its latest wearable version of its nine-axis inertial navigation unit.
Intel, Plastic Logic work on flexible tablet
News & Analysis  
1/7/2013   6 comments
A flexible tablet design with innovative control features has been created by Queen's University in collaboration with Plastic Logic and Intel Labs.
DesignCon Offers Free Expo Passes
News & Analysis  
1/7/2013   Post a comment
The chip & systems conference, Jan. 28-31 in Santa Clara, also has a dozen free training sessions.
Bosch unveils consumer MEMS
News & Analysis  
1/7/2013   3 comments
Bosch debuts worlds smallest accelerometer along with nine-axis inertial measurement unit with integrated sensor fusion firmware.
Five More Tough DesignCon Questions
News & Analysis  
1/4/2013   2 comments
What happens when high speed meets low power design? What’s the outlook for 25G x 4 versions of 100G Ethernet?
China said to be planning ASAT test
Design How-To  
1/4/2013   Post a comment
Citing U.S. sources, a science group said China, which has conducted two previous anti-satellite tests during the month of January, may be planning another.
Helium-filled disk drives could lift Western Digital
Design How-To  
1/4/2013   16 comments
A line of helium-filled hard disk drives is likely to elevate Western Digital to the top of the enterprise disk drive market, a market research says.
MEMS, iPhone mics, and impressive growth
1/4/2013   Post a comment
MIG managing director Karen Lightman reveals the secret about who's supplying MEMS microphones to Apple.
Wolfe's Den: Will Complexity Kill CES?
1/3/2013   10 comments
I went to the 2013 consumer electronics show and all I got was another lousy remote control.
London Calling: A northern light startup
1/3/2013   3 comments
The far north has the aurora borealis and, in the winter, a need for controllable lighting. So it should be no surprise that a Finnish cluster of expertise is developing around the topic of solid-state illumination.
Stars of DesignCon: Silicon Interposer Spurs 3-D Chip Stacks
Design How-To  
1/2/2013   1 comment
Rambus will explain how the die-to-die connections maintain routing and signal integrity up to 20 GHz.
Wolfe's Den: Sony Streams with Style
1/2/2013   7 comments
Move over, Apple TV and Roku, because Sony's got the best streaming entertainment play no one's heard of.

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