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posted in October 2010
Consortium aims to stake 'vampire power'
News & Analysis  
10/29/2010   12 comments
A consortium backed by the European Union aims to reduce standby power for electronic devices, which is estimated to account for 10 percent of European energy usage.
Graphene bandgap opened by vapor
News & Analysis  
10/29/2010   10 comments
Tuning a semiconductor bandgap in sheets of pure carbon called graphene can be done using water vapor during fabrication, according to researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Design implications of Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)
Design How-To  
10/28/2010   Post a comment
On September 30th, the IEEE ratified IEEE Std. 802.3az-2010, specifying the technology and requirements for the development of Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) components and systems. This paper outlines the basic premise and features of the amendment and how it can impact your next design.
Diagram generation tools modernize automotive electrical design
Design How-To  
10/28/2010   Post a comment
Automated wiring and component diagram generation decreases design engineers "drafting" tasks, while synchronizing and updating process documentation for increased productivity. Automation brings consistency and standardization, while modern tools permit customization for proprietary purposes.
IBM, European researchers seek CMOS successor
News & Analysis  
10/27/2010   6 comments
IBM Research Zurich, Infineon Technologies and Globalfoundries have joined forces with a half dozen European universities and research centers on a mission to cut the power consumption of electronic devices by10-fold and reduce standby power to zero.
Wide current range sensing topology provides high resolution, high-side sensing of 12V batteries
Design How-To  
10/26/2010   5 comments
To improve fuel economy, more vehicle functions are being electrified, reducing the continuous load on the internal combustion engine. As the power load is shifted to the vehicle battery, keeping the battery charged and functioning correctly becomes ever more critical.
Technology said to thwart voice phishing scams
News & Analysis  
10/26/2010   9 comments
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology say they have identified a digital fingerprint hidden within voice signals that can reveal fraud and thwart voice phishing scams.
Electronically 'stoking' a Corvette
10/25/2010   2 comments
If you missed the QNX Corvette at Convergence 2010, you can still see its reconfigurable digital instrument cluster and versatile application platform HMI at the ARM Technology Conference in November.
Scenes from USA tech fest
News & Analysis  
10/25/2010   8 comments
Photos from the USA Science & Engineering Festival, a two-day event held on the National Mall that drew tens of thousands of participants.
PCM Scalability:The Myth (Part 2)
Design How-To  
10/24/2010   2 comments
Ron Neale expands on some of the points he made in his earlier feature and addresses some of the comments from EETimes’ expert readers that were generated as a result of the first article.
Rare earth supply chain: Industry’s common cause
News & Analysis  
10/24/2010   17 comments
China’s virtual monopoly on rare earths mining and materials portends its rising dominance in electronics manufacturing.
Overcoming the design challenges of image-guided surgery systems
Design How-To  
10/21/2010   2 comments
Ethernet and standards for video will drive use of new surgery-system architectures and approaches
IMEC sets up R&D center in Taiwan
News & Analysis  
10/20/2010   2 comments
European research institute IMEC signed a co-funding contract with the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs to establish an R&D facility, the IMEC Taiwan Innovation Centre.
'Black silicon' firm snags $12.5M in funding
News & Analysis  
10/20/2010   5 comments
SiOnyx, the Harvard-spinout photonics startup that markets the material known as "black silicon," announced it has closed $12.5 million in Series B funding.
CEL ZigBee module ranges 2.5 miles
Product News  
10/20/2010   Post a comment
Designed for ZigBee Pro applications, the module runs the full ZigBee Pro software stack and Smart Energy profile, making it well suited for applications such as smart meters, smart grid, building automation, remote control, and HVAC.
Ford feels technology is key to its resurgence
10/19/2010   2 comments
Ford says setting itself apart with technology has resounded with customers.
Xtrinsic sensors trigger satellite airbags
News & Analysis  
10/19/2010   2 comments
Claiming to shrink the size, increase the reliability and lower the cost of satellite airbag sensors, Freescale Semiconductor unveiled smart Xtrinsic airbag accelerometers at the Convergence 2010 automotive tradeshow in Detroit.
France's CNRS offers nano-memory IP
News & Analysis  
10/19/2010   3 comments
France's Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) has done preliminary work on several nanoelectronic memory technologies that it now wishes to progress further through licensing agreements.
Japanese components vendors in the iPhone 4
10/19/2010   17 comments
A focus on manufacturing is probably why Japan is winning design-ins with Apple.
When a different kind of "tunnel vision" is a good thing
10/18/2010   5 comments
The recent tunneling developments in Chile and Switzerland should make us think more broadly about engineering challenges, and respect
Student Entrepreneur, silicon carbide and the volcano
10/18/2010   10 comments
Simon Barker, EE Times' resident student entrepreneur, discusses the significance of volcanoes to communicating about his research on silicon-carbide and energy harvesting.
Plastic Logic extends Dresden R&D
10/18/2010   Post a comment
Plastic Logic, the developer of the now-cancelled Que e-reader, has expanded its collaboration with the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research in Dresden, Germany.
Chevy Volt flap: What's the big deal?
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
10/18/2010   41 comments
Some fans of electric cars and hybrids, and a few folks in the press, are getting all in a knot about Chevy actually having a "direct link" from the gas engine to the wheels in its Volt "range-assisted" electric car. Well maybe its just good engineering.
Peregrine_RF front end adapts for increased mobile data demand
Design How-To  
10/18/2010   5 comments
The industry is predicting that data volumes could reach 2.7 exabytes per year in 2010 and that volume could increase to between 20 and 90 exabytes in 2015. This expansion is driven by the consumer’s rapid adoption of smartphone and other datacentric terminals, such as datacards, e-readers, and laptops. In order to support this type of data explosion, operators will need to take a multi-pronged approach: redefining how we think of the RF front end.
Triple-mode graphene transistors go analog
News & Analysis  
10/15/2010   18 comments
Rice University researchers have demonstrated analog graphene transistors that can amplify like p-type and n-type silicon transistors, and also exploit the ambipolar ability of graphene in a novel frequency-multiplication mode.
Hybrid and electric vehicles pose electric/magnetic isolation challenges
Design How-To  
10/15/2010   12 comments
High voltage and current levels present in hybrid-electric and battery-electric vehicle powertrains require isolation from other electronics and occupants. Capacitive digital isolators are one technology for solving the challenges.
MEMS modeling tool adds Simulink integration
News & Analysis  
10/13/2010   Post a comment
MEMS-chip designers can now use Coventor's 3-D modeling tool, then verify their designs using MathWorks's Mathlab behavioral modeling tool.
GlobalFoundries, SVTC team for MEMS foundry
News & Analysis  
10/13/2010   13 comments
GlobalFoundries Inc. has announced a technology development partnership with SVTC Technologies LLC that it says will help make it a leading foundry manufacturer of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).
Catania solar 'fab' appoints chairman and CEO
News & Analysis  
10/13/2010   Post a comment
Enel Green Power, Sharp and STMicroelectronics, the three companies turning a former ST wafer fab shell into Italy’s biggest photovoltaic panel factory, have announced the appointment of the chairman and CEO for their joint venture.
New grants extend nano research effort
News & Analysis  
10/12/2010   13 comments
The Nanoelectronics Research Initiative has received $2 million in new grants from the Semiconductor Research Corp. and the National Science Foundation.
Linear Technology: RF to digital receive modules target base-station designs
Product News  
10/12/2010   Post a comment
Linear Technology has released the LTM9004 and LTM9005, two RF-to-digital uModuledevices for use in the receive channel in cellular base stations.
Rambus: Signal and power integrity limitations for mobile memory in 3D packaging (Part 2 of 2)
Design How-To  
10/11/2010   13 comments
Mobile devices, like cell phones and portable game consoles, require memory systems that meet two key requirements: low power dissipation and high packaging density. In order to meet these requirements, mobile memories are implementing changes compared to traditional memories that impact signal and power integrity. Part two of this article looks at signal integrity analysis results.
Engineering optimization not always obvious
10/11/2010   24 comments
Who would put a mere 4-speed automatic transmission in a new car model? Well Mazda did, and here's why.
ST's Carmelo Papa appointed chairman of EPoSS
News & Analysis  
10/11/2010   Post a comment
Carmelo Papa, executive vice president and general manager of the industrial and multisegment business within STMicroelectronics, has been appointed chairman of a European think-tank for smart system integration.
Soitec signs solar deal with Johnson Controls
News & Analysis  
10/11/2010   8 comments
Soitec SA said its Concentrix Solar division has concluded a global alliance with energy control company Johnson Controls Inc.
‘Ideas’ could be India’s next growth industry
India Chip Chat  
10/10/2010   27 comments
If you’re wondering how India might reinvent itself as a country known for its inventions, cast a glance at some of its prosperous Asian neighbors--and look beyond its IT industry.
SEMI wants easier access to European money
News & Analysis  
10/8/2010   40 comments
The SEMI industry trade organization has called for a simplification of the rules controlling access to the European Union Framework collaborative research program.
Validate automotive electronics robustness: Part 1—FMEA made automated and easy
Design How-To  
10/7/2010   Post a comment
Traditional test methods based primarily on physical prototypes are generally insufficient. New test methods based on Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA provide effective options for isolating error cases.
Design opportunities abound in renewable energy for military
SmartEnergy Designline Blog  
10/6/2010   Post a comment
Yesterday’s article in the New York Times about the U.S. military’s need to move away from fossil fuel reminded me of an interesting email exchange I had recently with Terry Bollinger, a technology analyst at MITRE Corp., concerning the military’s interest in renewable energy.
Electronic nose sniffs out medical conditions
News & Analysis  
10/6/2010   19 comments
Stony Brook University researchers are building nanowire-based sensors that can instantly detect marker chemicals that indentify specific diseases and their progress.
Hypervisors pose challenges in developing multicore automotive electronics
Design How-To  
10/5/2010   63 comments
Partitioning, which prevents applications from interfering with each other, is vital. And achieving it without extensive software modifications is even better.
Graphene research wins Nobel prize for physics
News & Analysis  
10/5/2010   31 comments
Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, two researchers who began their academic careers in Russia, have been awarded the 2010 Nobel prize for physics "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene."
Swarm intelligence controls robotic planes
News & Analysis  
10/4/2010   22 comments
The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has devised a new strategy for coordinated flight of unmanned aerial vehicles using coordinated communications to allow a single operator to control an entire swarm of ultra-cheap robotic planes.
T&M gets dedicated designline
Test & Measurement Designline Blogs  
10/4/2010   1 comment
Welcome to the Test & Measurement Designline, the latest addition to the EE Times Group's 'heads down' communities designed to help engineers tackle practical, technical and software challenges to bring product specification to reality.
All sorts of *Stuff* (good and bad)
10/1/2010   3 comments
Here are a bunch of items that recently caught my eye, from computer worms to a new way to tie your shoelaces to Mark Twain to nanotechnology to ... the mind boggles!
EE Times tech writer wins Japan fellowship
News & Analysis  
10/1/2010   53 comments
R. Colin Johnson, veteran technology correspondent for EE Times, has been named a 2010 Kyoto Prize Journalism Fellow.
Japan develops electric motor sans rare earth metals
News & Analysis  
10/1/2010   15 comments
Access to China's rare earth elements may become a moot point if Japanese researchers will be successful in building EV motors with magnets that don't need rare earth metals.

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