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posted in May 2013
IBM breakthrough could alleviate mobile data bottleneck
News & Analysis  
5/31/2013   8 comments
Integrated phased-array transceiver contains all millimeter- wave components necessary for high data-rate communications.
NXP gears up for GaN production
Design How-To  
5/31/2013   2 comments
The U.K. government is to provide 20 percent of the budget to support the creation of 100 power semiconductor jobs at NXP's Hazel Grove wafer fab in England.
Romanian teenager snags Intel science award
Design Contests & Competitions  
5/30/2013   8 comments
Ionut Budisteanu took home $75,000 for using artificial intelligence to create a model for a low-cost, self-driving car.
Taiwan's electronic medicine outperforms drugs
Design How-To  
5/30/2013   4 comments
research labs at National Taiwan University are pioneering innovations in medical electronics.
SRC sponsors research in Abu Dhabi
News & Analysis  
5/29/2013   1 comment
The Semiconductor Research Corporation is jointly funding semiconductor development efforts with the Globalfoundries parent company.
SanDisk's 1Y flash stays at 19-nm
Design How-To  
5/28/2013   6 comments
Flash-based storage specialist is sampling its 1Y-based products and they are at same minimum geometry as the 1X generation.
Intel invests in Irish R&D
News & Analysis  
5/28/2013   10 comments
Intel is investing $1.5 million in the Tyndall National Institute at University College Cork to help collaboration in R&D in photonics, microsystems and nanoelectronics.
Cloud-based virtualization goes mobile
News & Analysis  
5/24/2013   6 comments
Innovations by Citrix and Nvidia could take virtualization to its logical conclusion, allowing users to access their desktops from any mobile device.
More varied research needed beyond 10-nm, says Intel
News & Analysis  
5/22/2013   8 comments
Intel's director of component research says more varied research is needed to catch the next opportunity beyond conventional silicon.
Europe backs FDSOI wafer fabs
News & Analysis  
5/21/2013   3 comments
A $465 million collaborative R&D project is set to support pilot lines in Dresden and Grenoble for production of fully depleted silicon on insulator manufacturing process.
Taiwanese researchers take aim at environmental issues
News & Analysis  
5/21/2013   Post a comment
Taiwan has long been recognized for its contributions to microelectronics, but its research labs are now working on pressing social issues.
ST to deny rivals FDSOI access
News & Analysis  
5/20/2013   Post a comment
In an interview Jean-Marc Chery, ST's CTO (shown), said his company could install its FDSOI process in multiple foundries but for now has an agreement in place that will deny certain companies access to the process.
ST turns to PCM for MCU embedded memory
Design How-To  
5/17/2013   5 comments
STMicroelectronics, which began researching phase-change memory more than a decade ago, has said it will offer microcontrollers integrated with the non-volatile memory.
Rapid progress in silicon photonics standards
5/16/2013   Post a comment
Silicon photonics sees exciting developments, such as enabling data infrastructure to support codesign of electronics and microphotonics devices in the design tool flow.
Taiwan funds smartphone innovations
News & Analysis  
5/16/2013   4 comments
National Taiwan University has developed several innovations for tablets and smartphones designed to win the hearts of mass-market users.
Wearable computers have a long way to go
5/15/2013   4 comments
Wearable computers will likely be the next major wave in not only consumer electronics but also full-fledged computing solutions.
Samsung wants to launch 5G in 2020
Semi Conscious  
5/14/2013   4 comments
South Korean giant claims first adaptive array transceiver technology operating in the millimeter-wave bands.
Slideshow: The making of IBM's nano movie
Design How-To  
5/14/2013   Post a comment
12-atom memory, measuring at the nanoscale, and how a scratchy noise can be music to a researcher’s ears.
Micromirror development tool takes aim at 3-D printing
Design How-To  
5/14/2013   5 comments
Texas Instruments upgrades micromirror development tool for higher brigtness, higher resolution embedded applications, including measurement for 3-D printing.
Bell Labs group aims at 90% energy-saving in networks
Design How-To  
5/13/2013   2 comments
GreenTouch consortium claims the energy consumed by networks in 2020 could be reduced to 10 percent of 2010 levels while supporting large increase in traffic.
Cray builds budget-minded supercomputer
News & Analysis  
5/7/2013   4 comments
Entry-level supercomputer starting at $500,000 aims at high-end engineering, computational modeling and simulation work.
IBM makes molecular movie
5/3/2013   1 comment
Using a scanning tunneling microscope to manipulate molecules, IBM researchers produced a stop-action animated film.
ST increases accessibility of MEMS motion portfolio
Product News  
5/3/2013   Post a comment
Linux Industrial-IO-compatible drivers for entire ST MEMS range shorten development time for motion innovations in multiple market sectors.
Intel, Qualcomm pioneer MEMS performance standard
Design How-To  
5/3/2013   3 comments
"Under MIG's guidance and through the tireless leadership of Intel and Qualcomm Technologies, the sensor industry has acknowledged an important product specification issue," said MEMS Industry Group Executive Director Karen Lightman.
Google Glass: First impressions
5/1/2013   3 comments
Google Glass may usher in the era of wearable computing, but based on my first few days, this is a long way from being a mass market product.
Touchstone preps entry into power management
Design How-To  
5/1/2013   1 comment
A fabless startup chip company that specializes in analog is preparing to expand into power management and ultra-low power applications.

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