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posted in July 2011
It's a new TV season soon, and again, engineers are mostly missing
Engineering Pop Culture!  
7/29/2011   38 comments
Once again, it's doctors, lawyers, and police who get the attention; and maybe that's OK
SofCheck preps ParaSail parallel language
7/28/2011   10 comments
SofCheck Inc., best known as a vendor of software analysis and verification technology and Ada Compilers, is working on a parallel programming language called ParaSail that has been presented at two learned conferences recently.
Consumer electronics turn to MEMS for gesture control, precision location
7/28/2011   7 comments
Sharply falling costs, and greatly improved software to ease design-in, look to be about to enable the next generation of inertial sensor applications to distinguish mobile consumer devices.
Composite supersets tame wiring harness engineering complexity
Design How-To  
7/28/2011   Post a comment
With many electrical options and physical variants in today's cars, potential configurations for a single platform may number in the millions. Thus the electrical distribution system harness is at the heart of the automotive complexity challenge.
Researchers to link brain, artificial limbs
News & Analysis  
7/27/2011   12 comments
Four universities won a $1.2 million grant to develop prosthetics that deliver sensory information to patients and can be controlled by their thoughts.
IEEE publishes 'white space' WRAN standard
7/27/2011   6 comments
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has published the 802.22 standard for Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRANs). The standard covers broadband wireless access at up to 22-Mbps per channel over distances up to 100 kilometers from a transmitter without interfering with terrestrial television broadcasts that use the same part of the spectrum.
ADI invests $70 million in Irish R&D
7/27/2011   Post a comment
The Industrial Development Agency of Ireland (IDA Ireland) has announced that chip company Analog Devices Inc. is embarking on a 50 million euro (about $70 million) R&D investment program at its Raheen campus near Limerick.
STMicroelectronics collaborates with Soundchip to bring HD-PA to market
News & Analysis  
7/27/2011   Post a comment
STMicroelectronics is to collaborate with Soundchip SA, a Swiss-based electro-acoustics consultancy and originator of the High Definition Personal Audio (HD-PA) Standard, to bring HD-PA to market by applying their respective strengths in audio system and semiconductor technology, product design and industrialization methods, audio software and sales and marketing.
Audio Pixels Holdings Limited signs joint development agreement with Sony Corporation of Japan
News & Analysis  
7/27/2011   Post a comment
Audio Pixels Holdings Limited has announced that it has signed a Joint Development Agreement with Sony Corporation of Japan for the development of its patented low cost micro-electro mechanical ("MEMS") digital speakers.
Integrated radar front end trims system cost and size
Design How-To  
7/26/2011   5 comments
Integrated automotive chip allows multiple applications in an efficient package—while on-chip signal conditioning and data capture let design engineers program settings for different driving conditions.
Intel SoCs aided by interconnect, IP library
News & Analysis  
7/26/2011   3 comments
Intel now has the tools in place – in particular an on-chip interconnect fabric, an extensive IP library and software – to make a success of its system-on-chip engineering effort, according to Bill Leszinske, an executive with Intel's Atom processor SoC development group.
Flow batteries: EVs fuel up on electrons at the 'gas pump'
Design How-To  
7/25/2011   9 comments
Batteries with replaceable fluids may improve electric vehicle energy density.
GE announces micro-holographic storage that supports 500GB disk at Blu-ray speed
Product News  
7/25/2011   3 comments
The micro-holographic material can support on one disc the same storage capacity as 20 standard Blu-ray discs
Chips in Space: The building of an amateur satellite
7/25/2011   23 comments
Over the next several weeks, this limited-series guest blog will relate the story of how my colleagues and I came to build an amateur satellite, the challenges we ran into while doing so and, hopefully, its successful deployment from the International Space Station at roughly the end of July or Early August.
10Gb/s Ethernet and 10GBase-T for the data center
7/25/2011   7 comments
Sometimes, technology adoption is driven by the simple things like cabling and compatibility and that can be the case with the migration from 1Gb Ethernet to 10Gb Ethernet.
Haptics technology: picking up good vibrations
Design How-To  
7/24/2011   14 comments
Understand the existing and new techniques for implementing this motion-transducer function
A Volt for a week
7/22/2011   16 comments
I have a Chevy Volt to drive for a week. If you have any questions on the car or its operation, post them here and I'll try and answer them.
Chevy Volt relies on adroit suppliers
Design How-To  
7/21/2011   Post a comment
What does it take to bring the Chevy Volt to market? Suppliers of advanced technology that can deliver on time—and on budget.
MediaTek goes to startup for wireless charging
News & Analysis  
7/20/2011   5 comments
Fabless communications chip company MediaTek Inc. has entered into technology transfer and licensing agreement with WiTricity Corp., a spin off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on wireless charging.
Ferroelectrics fabbed on plastic
News & Analysis  
7/19/2011   7 comments
Ferroelectric memories, energy harvesting arrays, sensors and actuators could soon be fabricated on plastic substrates, according to researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, who recently demonstrated a new low-temperature process using an atomic-force microscope.
Scalable SoC drives 'hybrid' cluster displays
Design How-To  
7/19/2011   Post a comment
Between mechanical automotive instrument clusters and the growing number of free programmable clusters there are hybrid dashboards, which combine traditional meters and at least one graphical display.
Handheld receiver provides aerial downlink in mission-critical applications
Design How-To  
7/19/2011   7 comments
In this RF in Action piece, Stephen Shpock from IMT explains the inner workings of the company's MobilCMDR for video downlinking in tactical and startegic settings.
Maxim pays $130 million for MEMS firm
News & Analysis  
7/18/2011   4 comments
Maxim Integrated Products Inc. has said it has acquired fabless MEMS firm SensorDynamics AG for $130 million. With the acquisition of the company Maxim takes on about $34 million of debt.
Top 5 in RF Design
Design How-To  
7/18/2011   Post a comment
If you missed any of these, now might be a good time to check them out.
Samsung, TSMC and the A6: not OR but AND?
7/15/2011   11 comments
With Samsung falling out with Apple at the system level, does that mean TSMC is guaranteed to be the sole source of the A6? Maybe not argues Peter Clarke
Silicon holds the key to longer battery life - Part Two
Design How-To  
7/14/2011   1 comment
How silicon can be used in place of carbon for battery anodes to boost the lifetime performance of the next-generation of Li-ion batteries
Qualcomm appoints stalwart engineer CTO
News & Analysis  
7/14/2011   4 comments
Qualcomm Inc. has appointed Matt Grob as its chief technology officer replacing Roberto Padovani who will continue at the company as an executive vice president.
SpiNNaker ARM chip slide show
7/14/2011   9 comments
A selection of photographs of the 18-core ARM processor developed at the University of Manchester for the purpose of simulating the human brain.
A million ARM cores to host brain simulator
7/14/2011   55 comments
Up to a million ARM processor cores are going to be linked together to simulate the workings of the human brain in a research project in the U.K.
IMEC claims ReRAM filament breakthrough
7/13/2011   1 comment
Nanoelectronics research institute IMEC has claimed to have made a breakthrough in the understanding of the physical nature of filaments in resistive RAM devices.
Hynix, Toshiba team up on MRAM
News & Analysis  
7/13/2011   13 comments
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. and Toshiba Corp. have agreed to develop spin-transfer torque magnetoresistance RAMs together with both saying that the technology is an important next-generation non-volatile memory.
Globalfoundries engages startup for R&D
News & Analysis  
7/12/2011   Post a comment
Globalfoundries will collaborate with startup Intermolecular on semiconductor process technology R&D under the terms of a multi-year collaborative development program and IP licensing agreement.
Thunderbolt: A lot of noise, but very little spark
7/11/2011   15 comments
There has been a lot of talk in the past few weeks about the new serial interconnect, Thunderbolt, developed by Intel and Apple. But Subu Sankaran of Future Devices Technology International has his reservations.
Printed non-volatile rewritable ferro-electric memories
Design How-To  
7/11/2011   2 comments
Printed electronics has recently moved from a focus on the production of individual components towards the design and initial commercialization of integrated systems. To create such systems, the use of non-volatile random access memory is often essential.
9-axis IMU BAN supports full body motion capture, gesture recognition
Product News  
7/10/2011   Post a comment
Movea's MEMS-based MotionPod solution can be used to enable more realistic avatar motion for gaming or highly accurate biomechanical analysis for sports applications.
PXI/MOST interface ensures end-of-line test quality
Design How-To  
7/8/2011   Post a comment
Detailed compliance testing eliminates faults and ensures performance of different MOST interfaces in the same network.
Sicily 'fab' PV plant is its own first customer
News & Analysis  
7/8/2011   2 comments
A building in Catania, Sicily, that was originally constructed by STMicroelectronics to be a 300-mm wafer fab, has been inaugurated as a manufacturing site for photovoltaic panels. And the plant is going to be its own first customer with plans to site a 1-megawatt solar energy farm on the roof of the building that was formerly known as M6.
Sterilization methods and impact on electronics in medical devices
Design How-To  
7/8/2011   4 comments
Understand the different methods of achieving this important objective, and their key attributes
Wireless automotive audio uses minimum power, bandwidth
Design How-To  
7/8/2011   Post a comment
ISM-band technology offers EMI immunity while providing lossless audio.
Engineering a DIY EV!
Design How-To  
7/8/2011   7 comments
Ever think about building your own electric car? Well, here's one engineer who did!
Spectrum Sensors & Controls XL403A accelerometers
Product News  
7/7/2011   Post a comment
Spectrum Sensors & Controls has introduced a line of quick-ship analog accelerometers available in customer-specified configurations and fully calibrated.
Bright future for ultra-low-power RF
Design How-To  
7/7/2011   7 comments
Currently in its infancy, the short-range RF sector is set to boom. And the catalyst for this expansion will be ultra low power technology.
Study: Startups, multi-nationals drive innovation in India
News & Analysis  
7/7/2011   11 comments
The real potential for innovation in India lies in cooperation between multi-national firms and Indian startups, a study has found.
Baolab MEMS-in-CMOS heads for the compass market
News & Analysis  
7/4/2011   2 comments
Baolab Microsystems SL (Barcelona, Spain) a startup pioneering the creation of microelectromechancial systems (MEMS) within the back-end-of-line structure of CMOS wafers, has completed its first product design, a magnetic compass sensor.
Printed electronics startup partners with Holst
7/4/2011   6 comments
Pragmatic Printing Ltd. (Cambridge, England), a startup developing printed electronic circuits, has started collaborating with the Holst Center (Eindhoven, The Netherlands).
Corporate R&D: when failure is indeed an option
7/1/2011   10 comments
As times and imperatives have changed, so has the lab model

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