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posted in August 2012
Memscap partners with Chinese MEMS startup
News & Analysis  
8/31/2012   3 comments
MEMS component maker Memscap has formed a partnership with Hanking Group to expand sales of the MUMPS multiproject wafer service in China.
How Intel can use wireless charging to attack ARM
8/30/2012   19 comments
Intel is gearing up to make wireless charging part of its mobile computing offering. Linking computers to mobile phones wirelessly could be used not only to charge up phones but also to supercharge Intel's mobile business strategy.
Intel energizes wireless charging effort
News & Analysis  
8/30/2012   9 comments
Intel has selected mixed-signal fabless chip company Integrated Device Technology to make transmitter and receiver ICs to implement Intel's resonant wireless energy transfer technology.
Obsolescence mitigation: An approach to a growing problem
Design How-To  
8/29/2012   Post a comment
The obsolescence of electronic components is a serious issue for many OEMs in Military and Aerospace communities.
Designing MEMS driver ASIC for contact lens sensor
Design How-To  
8/28/2012   4 comments
Glaucoma is an eye disease affecting about 4 percent of the population over 40 years of age which can lead to blindness unless treated early. One of the symptoms of glaucoma is an increased intraocular pressure. Passive and active strain gauges embedded in the Sensimed Triggerfish silicone lens monitor fluctuations in intraocular pressure through variations in diameter of the eye. The patient wears Sensimed's Triggerfish for up to 24 hours and undertakes normal activities including sleep periods
Robo-chef cooks up a storm
8/27/2012   9 comments
China is building an army of robots - chef robots that is. In the face of rising labor costs, Chinese restaurateur Cui Runguan has cooked up “Chef Cui,” a robot chef that can slice noodles all day long without breaking a sweat.
Neil Armstrong, First Man
8/26/2012   17 comments
Neil Armstrong, who died Saturday (Aug. 25), wasn't interested talking about himself. Like any good engineer, he was focused on working with unknowns and solving problems.
Automotive IC sales roll in 2012
News & Analysis  
8/23/2012   3 comments
Semiconductor sales into the automotive sector are the brightest spot in an otherwise down year for IC vendors.
Research on molybdenum disulfide sparks new apps
News & Analysis  
8/23/2012   8 comments
Molybdenum disulfide, used for many years as an industrial lubricant, promises to become another 2-D platform for electronic devices on par with graphene, itself a 2-D platform for new electronic devices.
Updated: Curiosity ready to roll despite sensor damage
News & Analysis  
8/22/2012   16 comments
The Mars mission of the Curiosity rover suffered its first setback when a damaged wind sensor was discovered. The problem won't affect surface activities, NASA said.
Queen Elizabeth is looking for a few visionary engineers
8/21/2012   12 comments
The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering will recognize excellence in engineering with a 1 million pound award.
Updated: How Mars rover got its 'dream mode'
News & Analysis  
8/15/2012   23 comments
The Curiosity rover now preparing to explore Gale Crater on Mars has an FPGA-based reptilian brain that keeps its systems going while main computers are in "dream mode".
Sematech makes EUV mask progress
News & Analysis  
8/15/2012   3 comments
Semiconductor industry consortium Sematech has announced it has made significant defect reductions in mask blanks for extreme ultraviolet lithography, a step towards enabling high volume manufacturing at smaller geometries using the next-generation lithography.
Freescale MEMS sensors target mobile
News & Analysis  
8/14/2012   Post a comment
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a smaller, cheaper MEMS device that doesn't compromise on accuracy, noise and power specifications for the next-generation of low-cost smartphones and tablets.
Report urges U.S. effort to recapture optics lead
News & Analysis  
8/13/2012   4 comments
The National Research Council recommends a series of bold, coordinated initiatives to improve manufacturing, invention, materials development and applications to maintain global leadership.
Curiosity rover gets 'brain transplant'
News & Analysis  
8/13/2012   10 comments
Mission managers were completing a software update that will allow the Curiosity rover on Mars to begin exploring Gale Crater. Meanwhile, high-resolution images of the landing site are being sent back to Earth.
IBM observes spintronic waltz
8/12/2012   7 comments
Researchers from IBM Research and the university ETH, both based in Zurich, have reported the observation of a persistent spin helix in a semiconductor, which they claim could have implications for information storage and processing.
Expert: Samsung infringed ‘915 patent 24 times
News & Analysis  
8/10/2012   10 comments
Samsung infringes a key Apple patent on scrolling and zooming in 24 of its smartphones and tablets, said an expert testifying for Apple.
New algorithm said to scrub nets for threats
News & Analysis  
8/10/2012   4 comments
Researchers in Switzerland are claiming to have developed a new source-location algorithm they say could replace the brute force method of identifying national security threats.
Report: Intel preps wireless charging
News & Analysis  
8/10/2012   2 comments
Intel may offer internally developed resonant wireless charging to improve the attractiveness of mobile equipment based on its chips such as Intel-based ultrabooks and smartphones, according to a Digitimes report that referenced unnamed sources.
Startup works with NASA to develop low mass lighting
News & Analysis  
8/8/2012   Post a comment
Arizona's NthDegree Technologies has signed an agreement with NASA for the development of a "low mass, low power" light source based on its development of inorganic printed and flexible semiconductors for lighting, photovoltaics and energy storage.
London Calling: Former IBM, Globalfoundries execs rising
8/7/2012   1 comment
Two experts in semiconductor devices and the manufacturing processes that make them are rising.
On the ground in Thailand: Tracking the tech industry
8/7/2012   Post a comment
Thailand may be a small space on the overall high-tech supply chain map, but valuable lessons can be learned as a result of last year's natural disaster.
Updated: NASA releases first color image from Curiosity
News & Analysis  
8/7/2012   7 comments
Gale Crater, the landing site for the Curiosity rover, can be seen in living, if murky, color in the first color image released by the space agency.
Updated: Curiosity rover lands on Mars
News & Analysis  
8/6/2012   18 comments
The Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft successfully landed the Curiosity rover at Gale Crater early Monday (Aug. 6).
Adam Steltzner, NASA's hipster rocket engineer
8/3/2012   24 comments
Adam Steltzner, the face of NASA's bold Mars Science Laboratory mission, said space provided him with "a little bit of sexy" he was looking for in an engineering career.
Writing, drawing with eyes
News & Analysis  
8/3/2012   15 comments
It is now possible to draw and write using just eye movements, claimed France's National Center for Scientific Research.
Solar powered soldiers
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
8/2/2012   3 comments
MC10, a startup specializing in flexible electronics, has signed a one year contract with the US Army to develop and test solar cell technology for military use.
From small contributions come big successes
8/2/2012   1 comment
STMicroelectronics' modest contributions to the search for the Higgs boson and, with it, the origins of our universe illustrates how technology companies can expand human knowledge while delivering useful products.
Animated characters brought to life by 3-D printing
News & Analysis  
8/2/2012   4 comments
By reverse engineering the computer animation process, Harvard researchers have patented a method of creating personalized action figures using a 3-D printer from any gaming or other animation program.
Sharp to slash 5,000 jobs
News & Analysis  
8/2/2012   10 comments
Japan's Sharp Corp. reported a significantly wider fiscal first quarter loss and unveiled its intention to cut 5,000 jobs by the end of March 2013. This will be the company's first personal downsizing since 1950.
Startup raises $30 million to bring MRAM to market
News & Analysis  
8/1/2012   11 comments
A Moscow-headquartered investor has helped MRAM startup Avalanche Technology close a third round of equity funding at $30 million. The money will be used to "productize" the company's technology, which the firm says is ready for action in applications such as solid-state drives.
AMD recruits Apple processor guru as chief chip architect
News & Analysis  
8/1/2012   17 comments
AMD has announced the appointment of Jim Keller as chief architect for microprocessor cores reporting to CTO Mark Papermaster.

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