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First 25G boards may ride Panasonic’s Megtron-6
News & Analysis  
1/31/2013   2 comments
Panasonic could see a boost this year as the first printed circuit boards carrying 25 Gbit/second signals arrive thanks in part to its Megtron-6 material.
Agilent and SiSoft team to bring jitter to IBIS
1/31/2013   Post a comment
IBIS-AMI models used to design and optimize high-speed serial links have lacked comprehensive jitter-modeling parameters and were limited to simple, first-order models of transmitter output drivers and receiver input-termination behavior…
Silicon Valley Nation: Crowd-funding electronics innovation
1/30/2013   1 comment
A part-timer R&B singer and biochemist is crowdfunding his idea for a better battery charger.
DesignCon: "Uncomplaining" engineers must demand better EDA tools
News & Analysis  
1/29/2013   11 comments
Jonah Alben, Nvidia engineering VP, sees longer, more difficult design cycles if tools-investment complacency lingers.
Slideshow: Hanging out at a hardware hackathon
News & Analysis  
1/29/2013   4 comments
The Open Compute Summit hosted a hackathon, attracting nearly 100 engineers to spend a day at a design party for data center hardware.
Cisco packs silicon photonics on 3-D ICs
News & Analysis  
1/29/2013   16 comments
Bill Swift, manager of Cisco's transceiver group, said at DesignCon the networking giant is using 2.5-D silicon interposers for silicon photonics.
Electronics manufacturing services opportunities in the medical industry
Design How-To  
1/28/2013   Post a comment
Electronic content in medical devices is increasing rapidly. Medical OEMs are under pressure to restructure growth strategies and product portfolios. Demand for affordable medical devices, convergence of electronics, and rising cost pressures have helped bolster EMS providers’ participation in the last few years.
Silicon Valley Nation: 787 battery-fire probe deepens
1/25/2013   8 comments
Thermal runaway and electrical shorting have been found, but cause remains elusive; a whistle blower surfaces.
Kotura preps fab deal amid silicon photonics surge
News & Analysis  
1/25/2013   8 comments
A “large CMOS foundry” will make 100G silicon photonics chips for Kotura that will sample later this year, facing competition from Cisco, Intel and Luxtera.
Qualcomm preps ARM server SoCs
News & Analysis  
1/25/2013   15 comments
Qualcomm has posted job openings that make it clear it will join at least seven companies making 64-bit ARM server SoCs.
PCIe 3.0 equalization Webinar
1/24/2013   Post a comment
This live webinar this morning was packed with information about what you need to do to deal with equalization in the PCIe 3.0 implementation if you hope to achieve 8Gbps…
Open ARM development platform targets industrial applications
Product News  
1/24/2013   Post a comment
Silica has expanded its range of microcontroller development tools by introducing a low cost ARM-based board for industrial applications.
Connectors predicted to plug into growth in 2013
News & Analysis  
1/23/2013   Post a comment
First stable growth for the market sector since 2008 expected, according to Bishop & Associates.
787 Dreamliner investigation probes battery-charging electronics
News & Analysis  
1/22/2013   21 comments
Investigators are testing chargers and other electronics at Securaplane Technologies in Tucson, Ariz.
Chelsio revs Ethernet NICs up to 40 Gbit/s
News & Analysis  
1/22/2013   Post a comment
Firm's first 40 Gbit/second Ethernet controller, the two-port Terminator 5, set to sample before April and ship before July.
VITA sets optical component specs for 25G boards
News & Analysis  
1/22/2013   1 comment
The trade group behind VMX single-board computers is setting standards for opto-electronic components that pave the wave for its next-gen optical backplanes.
Facebook covets core-heavy ARM SoCs
News & Analysis  
1/18/2013   8 comments
Vendors need to design simpler server SoCs and lower cost flash if they want to fill the many sockets emerging in data centers for the social networking giant.
Slideshow: Intel Lights 100G Interconnects at Facebook Summit
News & Analysis  
1/17/2013   31 comments
Open Compute Summit saw an engineering kicker for data center servers via samples of 100 Gbit/s silicon photonics interconnect modules.
Metal-backed PCB reduces LED device temperature by up to 20°C
Product News  
1/17/2013   Post a comment
The culmination of two years of development using Cambridge Nanotherm's ceramic dielectric technology, the company has developed an innovative thermal management material with a dielectric thermal conductivity of 7 W/mK.
Silicon Valley Nation: Dark side of drones
1/17/2013   1 comment
Drones could make our lives so much easier but they could also make them deeply troubling.
ARM backers jump on Facebook’s server bandwagon
News & Analysis  
1/16/2013   11 comments
Applied Micro and Calxeda are among ARM server SoC vendors supporting a new CPU-agnostic board spec that is as part of the Facecbook-led Open Compute Project.
Stars of DesignCon: Thermal Co-Design Key to 3D Chip Success
Design How-To  
1/16/2013   Post a comment
3D-IC designs that are temperature aware are essential for next-generation stacked dice.
Best EV sounds? Start with the Jetsons
1/16/2013   18 comments
EVs will soon have to make sound at low speeds. Your suggestions include some timeless classics.
ARM friends Facebook at summit
News & Analysis  
1/15/2013   2 comments
ARM SoC vendors Applied Micro and Calxeda will take part in the Facebook-led Open Compute Summit this week, a sign the social networking giant is poised to move beyond the x86.
Caption Contest: board badmington
Design Contests & Competitions  
1/14/2013   51 comments
As January 2013 gets into full swing, see if you can come up with a fitting caption for this month's badminton themed cartoon.
Samsung’s $250 Exynos 5-based Arndale dev board
News & Analysis  
1/14/2013   3 comments
At CES, Samsung Semiconductor showed us its recently launched Arndale community development board, complete with an Exynos 5 Dual SoC, the ARM Cortex-A15 dual-core CPU and ARM Mali T604 GPU.
Asian vendors rise as PC sales slump in Q4
News & Analysis  
1/14/2013   1 comment
Lenovo and Asus gained in the fourth quarter, but holiday PC sales declined for the first time in more than five years. Global PC sales fell 6.4 percent in the last quarter, the first such holiday season drop in more than five years with Lenovo and Asus among the few making gains
Fannless embedded computer equipped with 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 processor
Product News  
1/11/2013   Post a comment
ADLINK’s latest embedded computer features versatile I/O functions with three PCI/PCIe high-bandwidth expansion slots in a compact package.
DesignCon SMEs: Tough Path to 25G+ High-Speed Signals
News & Analysis  
1/11/2013   5 comments
A hornet's nest of issues -- crosstalk, loss, and noise -- are challenges on the road to 40G and beyond.
What Facebook is building may be just…a building
1/9/2013   6 comments
Here are my hunches about Facebook’s "big news" for its Jan. 15 press conference will be. What are yours?
DO-254: Increasing verification coverage by test
Design How-To  
1/9/2013   Post a comment
Verification coverage by test is essential to satisfying both the objectives of DO-254 and interpretation in FAA Order 8110.105. However, verification of requirements by test during final board testing is challenging.
DesignCon Delivers iPad, Android Apps
News & Analysis  
1/8/2013   Post a comment
Get mobile enabled for the chip & systems conference, Jan. 28-31 in Santa Clara.
Curtiss-Wright, Tektronix to develop rugged mil-aero parts
Design How-To  
1/8/2013   Post a comment
Curtiss-Wright and Tektronix Component Solutions are collaborating to develop rugged electronics subsystems to meet the growing need for wideband data converters and RF technologies.
Forget the iWatch, get ready for Apple iWear
1/7/2013   15 comments
Expect an Apple wrist device in 2013, an iPhone companion with a curved display, gesture recognition and maybe even using solar power or energy harvesting.
DesignCon Offers Free Expo Passes
News & Analysis  
1/7/2013   Post a comment
The chip & systems conference, Jan. 28-31 in Santa Clara, also has a dozen free training sessions.
Five More Tough DesignCon Questions
News & Analysis  
1/4/2013   2 comments
What happens when high speed meets low power design? What’s the outlook for 25G x 4 versions of 100G Ethernet?
ADLINK launches PXI Express HDMI video, audio capture card
Product News  
1/4/2013   Post a comment
ADLINK's latest card provides highly integrated full analog/digital uncompressed video and digital audio capture for device testing.
Amazon spinning out Kindle’s Lab126?
1/3/2013   8 comments
The secretive R&D group behind the Amazon Kindle has nearly 250 positions open, including many senior management jobs -- if its Web site is to be believed.
Stars of DesignCon: Silicon Interposer Spurs 3-D Chip Stacks
Design How-To  
1/2/2013   1 comment
Rambus will explain how the die-to-die connections maintain routing and signal integrity up to 20 GHz.

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