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posted in October 2012
TI shows embedded tablet with $70 BoM
News & Analysis  
10/31/2012   7 comments
Texas Instruments slashed the cost of tablets for a broad range of embedded markets with a reference design that has a bill of materials of just $70.
Silicon Valley Nation: Semiconductor industry's Windows 8 problem
10/30/2012   7 comments
ICs enable almost everything and get almost no respect.
Custom cores in the cards for AMD, ARM?
News & Analysis  
10/30/2012   7 comments
It’s a slow reveal, says AMD CEO Rory Read (shown), but the winks and nods we picked up suggest AMD hopes to spin SoCs with custom ARM cores—someday.
X-ES adds 6U VPX module to its Intel Core i7 processor-based product line
Product News  
10/26/2012   Post a comment
With a dual- or quad-core processor, 16 GB of memory, and dual PMC/XMC sites, the company's XCalibur4440 is well-suited for the most demanding military applications.
Slideshow: 10 things you should know about Win 8
News & Analysis  
10/25/2012   32 comments
The debut of Microsoft’s latest OS will twist the PC industry into more pretzels than a yoga class. We explore some of the more interesting positions.
Elusive startup pits IBM Power servers against x86, ARM
News & Analysis  
10/23/2012   11 comments
Startup Severgy enters the increasingly crowded field competing with energy efficient servers using a novel architecture—IBM’s Power.
NXP says energy efficiency will drive IoT
Design How-To  
10/22/2012   Post a comment
Buildings and automobiles will be two locations where the Internet of Things will roll out, but the driver behind myriad applications will, in some way or other, be energy efficiency, according to chip company NXP Semiconductors.
Entrepreneur says Win 8 marks end of PCs
News & Analysis  
10/19/2012   77 comments
Microsoft will start promoting apps written for the byte code interpreter in Win 8 rather than the x86 compiler, starting what an industry veteran calls the end of traditional PCs.
Silicon Valley Nation: Not hip enough to be Square?
10/18/2012   Post a comment
Electronics once dictated applications. Now, dizzying creativity in applications is demanding more of electronics. How do we keep up?
OpenFlow gets a workout during plugfest
News & Analysis  
10/18/2012   1 comment
Twenty companies participated in the second plugfest for the OpenFlow protocol for software-defined networking conducted as a new Indiana University lab.
Calxeda roadmap leads to 64-bit CPU in 2014
News & Analysis  
10/17/2012   4 comments
Calxeda disclosed a two-year roadmap leading to its first 64-bit chip just days before ARM TechCon, when others are expected to announce 64-bit ARM server SoCs.
Seven new Freescale dev kits for automotive motor control
Product How-To  
10/16/2012   Post a comment
Freescale's 32-bit Qorivva MCUs power new offerings that support as FlexPWM, CTU, ADC and eTimer modules.
Silicon photonics is hot, OpenFlow is not
News & Analysis  
10/11/2012   13 comments
Serial entrepreneur Andreas Bechtolsheim (shown) said silicon photonics will arrive in 2014, enabling cost effective 100 Gbit/s switches, but OpenFlow won't gain traction.
Xi3: Most un-boring desktop PC ever
The Engineering Life - Around the Web  
10/8/2012   12 comments
If you thought the desktop computer was dead, think again. Hardware startup Xi3 says it’s on a mission to “change the way computers are built, serviced and upgraded,” by eliminating obsolescence and stuffing as much into a tiny, gorgeous little cube as it can. Welcome to modular computing at its cutest.
Silicon Valley Nation: EV design chain and pollution
10/8/2012   5 comments
A report suggests electric vehicles are bigger polluters than internal combustion cars. What does this say about the design chain?
Vehicle computers to bring buses, commercial vehicles and mobile machinery to the cloud
Product News  
10/8/2012   Post a comment
Kontron is launching a new on-board computer to bring buses, commerical vehicles, mobile construction, agricultural and industrial machinery to the cloud.
More M2M communications with Cinterion's EHS5 module
Product News  
10/8/2012   Post a comment
Avnet Embedded has released the Cinterion EHS5 module, the latest innovation in scalable machine to machine (M2M) communications.
Versatile ultra-small GSM module for M2M
Product News  
10/8/2012   Post a comment
u-blox has launched a new line of versatile, low-power GSM/GPRS modules targeted at cost-sensitive machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.
Embedded computer targets digital surveillance applications
Product News  
10/5/2012   Post a comment
ADLINK has unveiled an Intel Atom D2550 processor-based fanless embedded computer that delivers 3.5-in. HDD and rich I/O support.
Counterfeit chip reports maintain record pace
News & Analysis  
10/3/2012   4 comments
U.S. Department of Defense set to update rules governing acquisition of electronic components amid record number of incidents.

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