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posted in May 2012
Arizona display center develops 7.4-inch protoype OLED
News & Analysis  
5/31/2012   3 comments
An Arizona State University display center working with Army researchers have developed a 7.4-inch OLED prototype device using mixed oxide thin film transistors.
Texas Instruments TPS92550 and TPS92551 DC/DC LED driver modules
Product News  
5/31/2012   2 comments
TI's latest DC/DC LED driver modules incorporate all the required power and passive circuitry into a single IC package to deliver up to 23W of power to the LED.
Omnivision launches 16-megapixel image sensor
Product News  
5/28/2012   13 comments
Omnivision Technologies Inc. has launched the OV16820 and OV16825 images sensors, which provide 16-megapixel resolution, for use in digital still and video cameras.
Slideshow: Rambus lights up GuitarMania
5/27/2012   3 comments
10-foot Fender Stratocaster guitars showed up in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland this Memorial weekend. Among them was a guitar illuminated with LED lights, developed by Rambus engineers.
Teardown slideshow: The anatomy of the LED light bulb
News & Analysis  
5/23/2012   72 comments
Tech analysis firm MuAnalysis provides a detailed look inside an LED light bulb from LG.
IndyCar electronics drive cars to be lighter, faster
Design How-To  
5/23/2012   Post a comment
While having fewer electronic systems than many road cars, IndyCar chassis run with specialized electronics, with features geared for safety, reliability, and data acquisition.
How's this for adroit engineering?
Engineering Pop Culture!  
5/21/2012   4 comments
Algorithm detects drowsy driving.
OLED – raising lighting to a new level
Design How-To  
5/21/2012   5 comments
If silicon-based LEDs represent the state of the art in lighting, OLEDs will be the next generation. The article gives an overview on what is possible with this type of illumination.
PPS messaging connects HTML5 and hardware
Design How-To  
5/17/2012   Post a comment
HMIs developed with HTML5 reside in a high-level, virtualized environment but still need to access hardware. In mobile devices, for example, they need to retrieve the device orientation and, if there are GPS or accelerometer chips, information these chips provide for applications that use geo-location. In-vehicle systems need to retrieve even more information from low-level components such as the CAN bus, GPIO pins, and I2C and SPI devices. Persistent Publish/Subscribe (PPS) provides a simple, e
Renesas PS9924 and PS9905 optocouplers
Product News  
5/17/2012   Post a comment
Renesas launched two IC-output optocouplers with long-creepage-distance for applications such as industrial equipment employing the maximum commercial power supply voltage of 690 V or solar power generation systems employing high voltages of up to 1,000 V.
The automotive graphical user interface—compromise or opportunity?
Design How-To  
5/17/2012   Post a comment
Traditional automotive switch, button, and analog gauge HMIs are becoming GUIs (graphical user interfaces) offering enormous flexibility. The scope and variety of information that can be displayed are almost limitless and can be changed dynamically while in use.
Autonomous cars: Sooner than we think?
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
5/14/2012   15 comments
In the short term, vehicles will be able to take over many driving functions—but full autonomy may be farther down the road.
Choose the right touch technology for your display
Design How-To  
5/11/2012   1 comment
Understand the various touch technologies and consequent tradeoffs when decided pn the "best" choice.
Texas Instruments LM3447 phase-dimmable LED driver
Product News  
5/11/2012   Post a comment
This LED controller with constant power regulation from TI incorporates a phase decoder circuit and an adjustable hold current circuit to provide smooth, flicker free dimming operation.
Cirrus Logic CS163X LED controllers
Product News  
5/10/2012   Post a comment
Cirrus Logic's newest digital LED controller features two-color mixing for efficient, high-quality light and near 100 percent triac dimmer compatibility.
Fairchild Semiconductor FOD8320
Product News  
5/10/2012   Post a comment
Fairchild Semiconductor has developed an advanced 2.5A output current gate driver optocoupler, which offers a compact footprint while allowing for a creepage and clearance distance greater than 10mm and 0.5mm internal insulation distance.
Teardown Report: Chevy Volt's electronic secrets
Design How-To  
5/10/2012   3 comments
Beyond battery chemistry, and electric propulsion and control, this enhanced-range electric vehicle was designed for upgrades, ruggedness, and diagnostics—with attention to quality in its construction.
Fraunhofer makes mini-projector for smartphones
5/8/2012   9 comments
Researchers at the German research institution Fraunhofer IOF have developed an array of hundreds of microprojectors that can be used to project images from smartphones and similar small devices. The array enables the design of slim LED projection systems which nevertheless offer bright images even on curved screens.
Project e-smart, Pt. 2: Vehicle controls, modeling, and simulations
Design How-To  
5/8/2012   Post a comment
Converting a Smart ForTwo into an EV includes planning and specifying requirements for the electric vehicle, electric components selection, and E/E-architecture and control software design as well, as implementation of hardware and software by students of the University of Stuttgart. This part describes the vehicle control system; measurements, modeling and simulation of the vehicle; and an outlook on future EV issues.
Project e-smart, Pt. 1: Students convert Smart car into an EV
Design How-To  
5/7/2012   Post a comment
Vehicle conversion including planning and specifying requirements for the electric vehicle, electric components selection, and E/E-architecture and control software design as well, as implementation of hardware and software by students of the University of Stuttgart.
Automotive application processor integrates remote-control technology, enabling safe use of smartphone-based in-vehicle infotainment
Product News  
5/5/2012   1 comment
STMicroelectronics and RealVNC integrate safe use of phone apps at the wheel.
The challenges of choosing off-line LED-driver topologies
Design How-To  
5/3/2012   Post a comment
Understand how required power level affects choosing the "right" way to meet cost, space, efficiency, isolation, design complexity, power factor, and reliability goals.
Power device consideration for optimized design of LED power supply
Design How-To  
5/3/2012   2 comments
Switch-mode power supplies for LED lighting applications are increasingly being designed with an active power factor correction (PFC) at the input stage to meet international regulations for harmonics. The boost topology in discontinuous current mode is most suitable PFC method for converters less than 300W power rating.

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