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posted in September 2011
Silicon Line SL82027 and SL82017 MIPI M-PHY optical media converter ICs for mobile phones
Product News  
9/29/2011   Post a comment
Silicon Line GmbH is sampling optical media converter ICs targeted at mobile and smart phones using the latest MIPI Alliance based M-PHY standard.
Are ac mains-dimmable LED lamps green?
Design How-To  
9/24/2011   11 comments
This article provides a comparison between the 60 W incandescent lamp and two commercially available mains dimmable LED lamps including the light output versus power consumption under different dimming situations using phase-cut dimmers. In addition, it looks at the contribution of higher order harmonics to total system dissipation.
ESC automotive products preview
Product News  
9/24/2011   Post a comment
Here's what we can tell you about some of what's being shown at the annual ESC clambake in Boston.
Integrated MCUs simplify hybrid, EV motor control
Design How-To  
9/22/2011   3 comments
Highly integrated MCUs developed specifically for the hybrid and electric vehicles include timer structures, which generate motor control signals, along with various I/O ports and interfaces.
Cree launches high-performance XLamp XT-E royal blue LED
Product News  
9/21/2011   Post a comment
Cree has announced availability of a new XLamp XT-E Royal Blue LED optimized for use in remote phosphor lighting and other applications with similar requirements.
Infineon offers driver ICs for LED lighting
Product News  
9/21/2011   3 comments
Infineon Technologies AG has introduced a family of switch-mode LED driver ICs for a broad range of general lighting applications.
Ericsson, NSN invest in optical chip startup
News & Analysis  
9/16/2011   5 comments
Skorpios Technologies, a 2009 startup developing composite silicon photonic technology as announced it has closed a $19 million Series B round of financing.
Isolated gate driver rejects hybrid powertrain drive common mode noise
Design How-To  
9/15/2011   Post a comment
Reduction of parasitic capacitance mitigates sources of common mode noise.
Report: LED packaging coming into its own
News & Analysis  
9/14/2011   3 comments
The LED industry has now gained enough momentum and reached a critical mass to entice equipment and material providers into developing dedicated solutions for LED manufacturing.
3M makes strategic investment in Pixel Qi
News & Analysis  
9/13/2011   Post a comment
Pixel Qi Corp., a developer of LCD panels with enhanced sunlight readability, has announced it has raised an undisclosed amount of money in a Series B round of financing. The investment – reported elsewhere to be $3 million – is led by materials and films vendor 3M Company (Maplewood, Minnesota), through its 3M New Ventures organization.
Ikon Semiconductor receives Irish investments
News & Analysis  
9/9/2011   14 comments
Ikon Semiconductor Ltd., a Dublin-based fabless semiconductor company chasing LED lighting opportunities, has received an overall investment of 800,000 euros from the Bank of Ireland Seed and Early Stage Equity Fund.
NeoPhotonics SFP+ transceivers promote 'green photonics'
Product News  
9/7/2011   Post a comment
NeoPhotonics' SFP+ transceivers address the "green" transition in networking toward lower power and smaller footprint modules.
NeoPhotonics Adds 40km and 80km versions to SFP+ transceivers for high-capacity metro network apps
Product News  
9/6/2011   Post a comment
NeoPhotonics Corporation has added 40km and 80km versions to its line of 6G SFP+ transceivers for Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) and 10G SFP+ transceivers for 10G Ethernet and OC-192/STM-64 SONET/SDH Transport.
Optrex America has launched a series of economically priced TFT-LCDs called the Value Line.
Product News  
9/6/2011   2 comments
In an effort to serve the high-volume consumer sector, Optrex has developed the Value Line of economical TFT LCDs, which includes three displays: 10.1-inch, 11.6-inch and 14.0-inch diagonal.
Avago Technologies AEAT-9000 encoder
Product News  
9/6/2011   Post a comment
Avago's absolute encoder delivers high accuracy with a modular package for easy installment and alignment.
Continental brings high-end HMI to volume segment
News & Analysis  
9/4/2011   Post a comment
A concept car from tier one Continental AG is crammed with new developments in the segment of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) the company plans to introduce in the volume segment over the next couple of years.
Reinforced isolation for effective data couplers
Design How-To  
9/2/2011   2 comments
Understand the requirements and mandates for electric-shock safety with respect to this common component
An entrepreneur's view of solar
9/1/2011   15 comments
Solar Cities Asia founder Valdis Dunis saw back in July that China had won the game in solar panels by massive investments in crystalline technology.

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