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posted in October 2010
connectBlue launches OWS451 Wireless LAN Serial Port Adapter with enterprise security
Product News  
10/28/2010   1 comment
connectBlue’s new OWS451 Wireless LAN Serial Port Adapter is designed to facilitate replacement of a serial cable with a wireless LAN connection. The new adaptor is based on the latest IEEE802.11a/b/g/n standards and provides state-of-the-art security options, as well as dual-band support for both 2.4 and 5GHz radio bands.
ARM TechCon Teardown Smackdown: Dell Streak vs. The Archos 7
10/26/2010   11 comments
The promo for this ARM TechCon event is actually a bit misleading: “Which tablet PC will come out on top? Watch as EE Times Editors Brian Fuller and Patrick Mannion dissect the inner workings of the devices and explore which is the strongest contender, based on speed, power consumption, display, features and functionality.”
Digi ConnectPort X3 aggregates local traffic over a cellular network
Product News  
10/21/2010   Post a comment
Digi ConnectPort X3 from Digi International is a low-cost, programmable cellular gateway for monitoring and tracking remote assets. Featuring flexible device interfaces, including ZigBee, RS-232 serial, analog and digital input/output (I/O), and Global Positioning System (GPS), the compact ConnectPort X3 provides global connectivity to remote devices and device/sensor networks via GSM GPRS cellular networks. 
CSR launches CSR8810 dual-mode Bluetooth low energy platform
Product News  
10/20/2010   Post a comment
The CSR8000 series initially includes five variants, providing dual-mode Bluetooth connectivity with a dedicated DSP for advanced audio features.
CEL ZigBee module ranges 2.5 miles
Product News  
10/20/2010   Post a comment
Designed for ZigBee Pro applications, the module runs the full ZigBee Pro software stack and Smart Energy profile, making it well suited for applications such as smart meters, smart grid, building automation, remote control, and HVAC.
Digi X-Grid offers expanded customer engagement with Itron ERT-enabled homes
Product News  
10/20/2010   Post a comment
Itron ERT meters can now connect instantly to the Smart Grid with Digi International’s ERT/Ethernet Gateway and ERT/Smart Energy Bridge. The new products enable easy online access to gas, water, and electric metering data for Itron’s widely deployed ERT meters. With Digi X-Grid utilities can leverage the data to offer a range of energy management services.
Peregrine_RF front end adapts for increased mobile data demand
Design How-To  
10/18/2010   5 comments
The industry is predicting that data volumes could reach 2.7 exabytes per year in 2010 and that volume could increase to between 20 and 90 exabytes in 2015. This expansion is driven by the consumer’s rapid adoption of smartphone and other datacentric terminals, such as datacards, e-readers, and laptops. In order to support this type of data explosion, operators will need to take a multi-pronged approach: redefining how we think of the RF front end.
Maxim LNAs target HSPA and LTE
Product News  
10/14/2010   1 comment
The MAX2666/MAX2668 are low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) optimized for HSPA/LTE applications where efficiency in board space, power consumption, and cost are paramount.
Texas Instruments: How to improve range when designing a wireless system
Design How-To  
10/14/2010   5 comments
In order to satisfy user desire for longer ranges, wireless engineers must understand key parameters that impact the range of their systems – and subsequently know how to design around those parameters in a very efficient way. In this article we will review the link budget, which determines the range, as well as its components.
Samtec's IsoRate series of isolated transmission line interconnects
Product News  
10/14/2010   Post a comment
Samtec has developed a series of high performance isolated transmission line interconnects that it is touting as a low-cost alternative to ganged, stamped RF connectors.
Thinfilm, Xerox PARC team on polymer memory
News & Analysis  
10/13/2010   16 comments
Thinfilm Film Electronics ASA, a provider of polymer memory technology, has announced it is working with Palo Alto Research Center Inc., a subsidiary of Xerox, to develop memory technology enabled through printed electronics.
Linear Technology: RF to digital receive modules target base-station designs
Product News  
10/12/2010   Post a comment
Linear Technology has released the LTM9004 and LTM9005, two RF-to-digital uModuledevices for use in the receive channel in cellular base stations.
T&M gets dedicated designline
Test & Measurement Designline Blogs  
10/4/2010   1 comment
Welcome to the Test & Measurement Designline, the latest addition to the EE Times Group's 'heads down' communities designed to help engineers tackle practical, technical and software challenges to bring product specification to reality.

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