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posted in January 2011
Saudi Arabia, Intel to 'host' IMEC research
1/31/2011   2 comments
King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology (KACST) has agreed to host researchers from the KACST-Intel Center of Excellence in Nano-manufacturing Applications (CENA) at IMEC in Levuen, Belgium for three years starting in September 2011.
Study: Europe medtech as safe as U.S.
News & Analysis  
1/28/2011   5 comments
Europe is not less safe than the U.S. despite a widely held perception its regulatory process for approving new medical devices is faster, a new report said.
Europe awards contract to assess 450-mm pilot line
News & Analysis  
1/27/2011   Post a comment
Two consultancy firms with expertise in the semiconductor industry – Future Horizons Ltd. and Decision SA – have been awarded a one-year joint contract to assess the benefits of a 450-mm semiconductor prototyping line being located in Europe.
Tech's turn on top
Automotive DesignLine Blog  
1/27/2011   6 comments
Technology grabbed the majority of time in President Obama's State of the Union speech. But where do we go from here?
Obama calls for R&D boost at Sputnik moment
News & Analysis  
1/26/2011   29 comments
President Obama called for more federal government investment in R&D, education and transportation at what he dubbed is a Sputnik moment.
Italian scientists claim cold fusion success
1/24/2011   85 comments
Two Italian scientists have reported that they have successfully created a cold fusion reaction that produces energy at temperatures below 1000K through the fusion of nickel and hydrogen.
Patent reform back on tap in U.S. Congress
News & Analysis  
1/20/2011   3 comments
U.S. Senators said they will re-introduce last year's controversial patent reform bill when they reconvene next week.
Trade group cautiously upbeat on FDA plan
News & Analysis  
1/20/2011   1 comment
The FDA's plan for reforming the 510(k) program looks good on paper, but it's impact on the cost and time required for regulatory approvals is still unclear, said AdvaMed.
FDA to change 510(k) process 25 ways
News & Analysis  
1/19/2011   3 comments
The FDA identified 25 areas where will make changes in 2011 to the so-called 510(k) program, the most widely used regulatory path for medical electronics devices.
U.S. patent awards up 31 percent in 2010
News & Analysis  
1/10/2011   11 comments
A record 219,614 U.S. patents were awarded in 2010, up 31 percent, the most significant annual increase on record with IBM continuing to dominate the list.
Eye-catching CES gadgets, Part 2
News & Analysis  
1/6/2011   10 comments
More gadgets that caught early buzz (and in at least some cases awards) at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show.
ITC backs Rambus with 34-company probe
News & Analysis  
1/3/2011   8 comments
The International Trade Commission has announced that it will launch an investigation into various chips and memory controllers and products that contain them, including PC motherboards, modems, routers and computers, following a complaint filed by Rambus Inc.

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