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posted in October 2017
Apple May Drop Qualcomm Chips
News & Analysis  
10/31/2017   3 comments
Apple is creating designs of next-generation iPhones and iPads that use Intel and Mediatek's baseband modem chips, cutting out longtime supplier Qualcomm amid a legal dispute, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Samsung's Chip Sales Hit New High
News & Analysis  
10/31/2017   1 comment
South Korean firm all but certain to pass Intel in chip sales this year as memory chip boom continues through the third quarter.
U.S. Can’t Pull Down China’s Data Wall
10/24/2017   2 comments
Recent protests of China’s new laws about cross-border data transfer may not sway regulators given rising digital walls around the world.
Brexit, Britain, and Beijing
News & Analysis  
10/24/2017   Post a comment
What will Brexit mean for U.K.-China trade? Syrus Lohrasb of the China-Britain Business Fusion Group sees a balancing act between protecting “prime assets” and courting investment in AI, robotics, and hardware-software integration.
With 450mm on Ice, 300mm Shoulders Heavier Load
Semi Conscious  
10/17/2017   1 comment
With the semiconductor industry's plans to transition to 450mm wafers on deep freeze, chipmakers are doubling down on 300mm fabs.
Patent Reform Needs Reform
10/16/2017   8 comments
Although it has some good elements, the America Invents Act (AIA) undercuts the individual inventor the U.S. patent system was designed to protect.
How to Build a City
10/13/2017   Post a comment
Promising opportunities abound across the globe for smart policy makers to join with enterprising and civic-minded members of the local engineering, design chain, and supply chain communities.
Taiwan Hits Qualcomm With $774 Million Fine
News & Analysis  
10/11/2017   1 comment
Qualcomm, which has also been fined by China, South Korea and is being sued by the U.S. Fair Trade Commission for anti-competitive behavior, has said it will appeal decision.
ON Semi Ups Stake in Fujitsu Fab
News & Analysis  
10/11/2017   Post a comment
Phoenix-based Chip maker increases stake as part of multi-phase plan to acquire the Japanese 200mm fab outright in 2020.
Intel May Sit Out Race to EUV
News & Analysis  
10/10/2017   2 comments
Foundries are racing to bring up nodes using EUV next year, but Intel is said to be taking a more leisurely pace.
12 Views of Drone World Expo
10/5/2017   2 comments
Commercial drones are ready to take off at Airbus, GE, Facebook, Google and elsewhere but air traffic control systems to manage them are still at least a year away.
Patent Licensing Is Too Opaque
10/3/2017   2 comments
Someone needs to shine a light on the tech industry’s practices with patent royalties, but the latest EU effort takes the wrong angle.
Q&A: Ray Bingham on Canyon Bridge, Imagination
News & Analysis  
10/2/2017   2 comments
EE Times caught up with Ray Bingham, partner at Canyon Bridge. Our discussion covered questions about his firm’s relationship with Tallwood VC which bought MIPS, how Canyon Bridge plans to rebuild Imagination, who Canyon Bridge really is.

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Test Tool Finds Ethernet Wiring Errors
Martin Rowe
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When my house was renovated several years ago, I had the electrician install network outlets in numerous places, then run the LAN cables to a wiring closet. But he didn't document the ends ...

Martin Rowe

Local Electronics Store Supplies Engineers and Hobbyists
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Rochester, N.Y. — Tucked away in this western New York city known for its optics is Goldcrest Electronics, a local store that's supplied businesses and individuals with electronic ...

Martin Rowe

How to Transform a Technology University (Book Review)
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The Presiding Genius of the Place by Alison Chisolm. WPI, Worcester, Mass., 234 pp., 2016. Engineers love to discuss, and often criticize, engineering education. They often claim ...

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Aloha from EEWeb
Max Maxfield
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Just a few minutes ago as I pen these words, I posted this blog about this month's Cartoon Punchline Competition over on