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posted in June 2009
Customs start blocking mobile phones in Russia
News & Analysis  
6/25/2009   Post a comment
Mobile phones are stacking up in Russian customs warehouses as the effects of a change temporarily tightening import rules are beginning to make their impact.
Svanberg takes chair at BP, Vestberg tapped as Ericsson CEO
News & Analysis  
6/25/2009   Post a comment
The practice of giant oil companies choosing CEOs from Nordic communications vendors as chairmen is continuing. After a long and sometimes controversial search, BP has appointed Carl-Henric Svanberg, president and chief executive of Ericsson, as its chairman to replace Peter Sutherland.
Samsung, Toshiba renew NAND patent pact
News & Analysis  
6/22/2009   Post a comment
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. and Toshiba Corp. have extended their patent cross licensing deal related to NAND memories.
Watch Out: WAPI is back on the Wi-Fi agenda
News & Analysis  
6/19/2009   4 comments
WAPI, the controversial Made-in-China wireless LAN security protocol that the government tried to force companies to adopt three years ago as a de facto standard, is being re-submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for consideration as a global standard.
Beyond-IR: Remote Controls for Home Entertainment
Design How-To  
6/17/2009   3 comments
The alternative to infrared remote control technologies is RF-based remote controls. RF-based remote controls overcome three major limitations of infrared technologies: line-of-sight and range; one-way communications; and high power consumption. Let's take a look at each of these limitations.
India details solar plans
Product News  
6/15/2009   Post a comment
India has unveiled aggressive long-term plans to grow both a solar market and an indigenous solar photovoltaics industry to serve it in the wake of predictions of a shakeout in the solar market in 2009.
Rambus, EC close on patent dispute deal
News & Analysis  
6/12/2009   Post a comment
Rambus (Los Altos, Calif.) has agreed to cut its royalties on some parts to settle a long running and high-profile dispute with European antitrust regulators and will thus avoid paying a fine.
Chip market to contract 21.3% in 2009, says SIA
News & Analysis  
6/5/2009   Post a comment
The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has released its annual mid-year forecast and is projecting worldwide sales of $195.6 billion for 2009, a decline of 21.3 percent from sales of $248.6 billion in 2008.
Inventors' group to address patent reform
News & Analysis  
6/4/2009   Post a comment
The American Innovators for Patent Reform, a new lobbying group, officially launched, aiming to be a voice for independent inventors in the ongoing debate over patent reform.
The top ten challenges facing society are ranked
News & Analysis  
6/3/2009   1 comment
During a speech given at the opening of the IMEC Technology Forum, Rene Penning de Vries, chief technology officer of Dutch chip company NXP BV, touched on a theme that has become almost ever-present within presentations from technology-based companies, which can be summed up: "It' s not the technology; it's the impact the technology has on society."
Netbook hopefuls dive into Computex
News & Analysis  
6/2/2009   Post a comment
On the opening day of Computex, a handful of semiconductor companies announced new chips and software for netbooks and other mobile systems but software issues surrounding Adobe Flash and Linux still dog some of the mobile designs, and one underscored the cloud still hanging above the computer industry.
Taiwanese group pays $215 million for E Ink
News & Analysis  
6/1/2009   Post a comment
Electronic paper display technology pioneer E Ink Corporation (Boston, Mass.) is set to be acquired by Prime View International (PVI) , one of Taiwan's leading suppliers of small and medium sized displays and itself a developer of ePaper display modules.

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