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Facebook Friends the Telco Cloud

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Devashish Paul
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Networked Vehicles/Edge Computing
Devashish Paul   2/24/2016 7:35:48 PM
Rick as a follow up some of the discussion at the Linley Data Center Conference, Edge Computing, some of the intiatives at OCP and facebook TIP group in a parallel effort we kicked off a 5G networked vehicle collaboration project with 5G Lab Germany out of Dresden.  Some of the high level info is in this news release below but the idea is edge computing assisting the autonomous or semi autonomous vehicle with low latency heterogeneous computing :



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Re: Frenemies
realjjj   2/24/2016 4:42:19 PM
But it's not like that is it. Web services provide content, creating the demand. Consumers pay to access that content by acquiring bandwidth, that's what the carrier sells and once sold it's not theirs anymore. If anything FB should see carriers as leeches, they don't create value just starve the consumer to create the illusion that they are offering a valuable service. When you are really really hungry, even dirt looks appealing.

But this might be about FB is keeping carriers close and pushing it's content closer to the user to create an advantage while some carriers are more than happy to get free money from without investing in the network and having to compete, they just all get payed making life a bit easier. This is problematic in many ways and would break net neutrality too - the carrier favors certain content. Just a little evil sneaky plan here, nothing unusual lol.

The dirt joke reminded me of what happened in Taiwan in 2014-2015 when carriers got into a price war and unlimited data was as low as 20$. Users that took advantage of the offer started to actually use LTE and the average monthly data usage over LTE in Taiwan jumped to some 10GB.

Carriers are fun. First you create artificial scarcity ,then you leverage that against both the consumer and the content provider, then you get your politicians to allow you to mine the data and yay, you got rich and own the future! And everybody just has to take it because regulators are passe.

rick merritt
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rick merritt   2/24/2016 12:21:48 PM
Telcos see Web giants like Facebook as leeches sucking their bandwidth so this collaboration is balzing an inyteresting new trail.

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