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Semiconductor Merger Mania: A Change From Historical Norms?

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Is money share the measure of the important goals?
gcarter782   5/20/2016 1:56:13 AM
Hi Wally, Thanks for this cogent analysis. I was lucky to get to be active in most of these changes, part of that time in microprocessor at TI, and it was great fun.

I believe that thanks to the engineering drive for efficiency and standards, equipment vendors made it easier to enter the semi business. Next EDA vendors evovled and gathered the intelligence in tools to make it easier to create designs from ideas. Now the hardware is a commodity built mostly by copy exact methods far from the origins of the technology.
The pie for money gets bigger geometrically and spills over the business attempts
to control, breaking many barriers and allowing more voices in counterweight to the apparent economic model thinking that drives towards monoculture. More companies have made for better access and better ideas. The pie for ideas is growing exponentially. We can only hope the ideas continue to have more freedom and expression through well considered developments in technology. Perhaps this consolidation is only bigger change coming as computing and processor monoculture breaks under new insights. Looking forward to your further insights.

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