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IoT Hears a Cellular Call

A thumbs down for 6LoWPAN, LPWA
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cell = freedom
operative   7/10/2016 3:55:07 AM
Low cost/power cell access, both as endpoints and nodes enables an instrumented enviroment beyond whats viable currently.

Access to real-time point of interest wind speed will be the norm :)


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Re: Vuew from IoT frontline
jnissen   7/7/2016 2:06:50 PM
And adding a phone to a low power IOT device will help this? You just took a good idea of low power devices that can connect online and saddled it with an expensive power hungry interface!

Enable the IOT with good integrated security and software that actually works. Rebooting my light bulb or my appliances every couple weeks is not going to work. I'd rather pay for a lower cost product that simply works without the connectivity issues were faced with today.

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Vuew from IoT frontline
y_sasaki   7/7/2016 1:46:48 PM
I think this is very practical and realistic view of IoT at frontline. "IT managers who don't want IoT traffic messing up their corporate Wi-Fi networks..." I can guess how much pain he has experienced trying to install thier WiFi-Imp to difficult customer environments.

The strength of being WiFi "Existing Infrastructure" can also be the biggest obstacle. All WiFi infrastructures are different, having different political and technical requirements. Bigger the customer, harder to ride on. Such as 50+ APs running in 10-floor building with 20+ virtual SSIDs connecting 1000+ devices managed by four different divisions. Nobody knows what happens if another 500 IoT devices are added, and if anything goes wrong (and YES, things DO go wrong!), it makes nobody happy.

I don't say Cellar LTE network is one-and-only "the holy grail" solution for every IoT solution, but it would be perfect solution for customers who can have budget for monthly fee and want to have managed reliable connectivity.

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