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Four Technologies for Industry 4.0

Joseph Byrne
7/5/2017 00:00 AM EDT

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Re: CAN?
TonyTib   7/7/2017 1:27:05 PM
TSN Ethernet should be able to handle most real time tasks, since it has many features for supporting real time.  TSN is getting a lot of support, and MIGHT allow multiple industrial protocols to run on the same network without interfering with each other.

Currently, Ethernet can handle real time with either special software (Ethernet PowerLink, which basically creates time triggered Ethernet with software) or hardware (MAC and/or switches for EtherCAT, Profinet IRT, CCLink-IE, etc).

But like the field buses, the problem is that there are too many industrial standards (Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet PowerLink, EtherCAT, CCLink-IE, etc), each with their own champion (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, ABB/B&R, Beckhoff, Mitsubishi, etc).

And, yes, CAN does work fine for a lot of automation (we're been using CANOpen for years and see no reason to switch to Ethernet, e.g. EtherCAT; for us it would just add cost), but CAN doesn't allow the kind of "see all the data, one big network for all uses, use big data to try to come up with correlations" that the Industry 4.0 folks are pushing.

And, of course, the article is really about the wonderful new NXP LS1028A (which honestly does look very nice for industrial applications)


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perl_geek   7/7/2017 12:51:27 PM
If you are contemplating factory automation, shouldn't you consider CAN (Controller Area Network)? Surely that's more suitable than Ethernet for small, real-time signals?

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