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What were these people thinking!

Rick DeMeis
8/13/2007 05:00 AM EDT

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re: What were these people thinking!
Kevin20   8/14/2007 7:35:49 PM
Your newsletter has a nice lurid headline about "Chaos at Chrysler". Did I miss that article? Is this it? What chaos? Just because they hired a guy you don't like? I think you're getting carried away with the lurid language. Yeah Nardelli took advantage of an opportunity to be way overpaid based on the returns to shareholders at Home Depot. But Home Depot is no disaster; it became more profitable during the time he was there. I'm not sure Nardelli is "discredited" at all. The Home Depot board of directors, maybe, for being sucker enough to give him the pay. But lots of CEOs have done worse than head an increasingly profitable company with a disappointing stock price.

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