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Resistance is futile!

Rick DeMeis
1/25/2008 08:00 PM EST

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re: Resistance is futile!
spiced1   1/29/2008 2:55:29 PM
I see many people that would welcome the collective because it removes the burden of having to think for themselves. I a conversation they would deny that but if you watch lets say traffic on your way to work, the there are two left turn lanes to get on the freeway. The left lane will have ten cars in it and the right lane will have one or two. But for many they will choose to follow the person in front of them without thinking of the alternatives. I think our political system is much the same way, both sides feel that as politicians they have to make a new pet rule. For every new rule it chips away at the basic premise of liberty. The Democrats pet rule is gun control, the republicans pet rule is birth control. The continual addition of new rules will turn this society into the very thing our founding fathers feared most. Even EE times contributes to the Borg mindset, when I logged in to add my comment it required me to add my personal information the the corporate mass marketing machine so that it can keep records on me that I don't personally think is any of their bussiness. As far as the bionics enhancing the human experience I find it intriguing as long as the individual is allowed to maintain individuality. The Borg collective (polictical/social collective) will win out because of their need control everything around themselves. The only hope is that the people that design the devices make sure that the Borg are not allowed the keys to the controls.

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