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Guardian Angel, off-guard

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Eric Verhulst
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re: Guardian Angel, off-guard
Eric Verhulst   7/10/2009 7:50:03 AM
With some deep involvement in the automotive sector as a background, the fundamental issue is the car's "architecture". In IT terms, that's called a client-server model (one engine, central control, etc.). It has been growing organically from a purely mechanical implementation to one of mixed technologies. The result is overly complex and mixed up with an "econo-political" game, not what we need for safety at less cost. How many serious accidents were not caused by the driver, but by an unanticipated failure of electronics ? (at least mechanical counterparts have graceful degradation as a warning mechanism). There is no black box to tell us. A radical change to a much simpler car architecture is at the order. If we would move to an all-electrical car with 4 e-motors, one for each wheel, we have a natural fault-tolerant architecture. Drive by wire is not really possible with the current architecture (it will remain stuck at SIL3). SIL4 is reachable at no extra cost, if the architecture is radically changed. It will result in cheaper cars as well.

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