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Unlocking the Keyless Car Future

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chanj0   10/2/2013 7:43:08 PM
Today, young entrepreneurs are looking for way to revolutionary the way we have been living.  Embedded your car key into your smartphone seems like a logical path. I was so excited when I read the first half of the article. "Not so fast." When I read that, I know I have missed something. Mr. Riches made an excellent point.

The battery of most smartphone barely lasts for a day. Although you can always carry an extra pack of battery, you will never know how soon you will have both of them running out. No doubt, extra car key (actual or remote  - like that one Prius has) can be used to mitigate the challenge. It's kind of defeat the purpose of putting a car key in the smartphone. I believe one of the primary purposes is to reduce number of items being carried. NFC can certainly be a second option in addition to Bluetooth LE.

With regard to security, the fingerprint security on iPhone 5s can come into play if SDK is opened up for other apps to access the feature.

Thanks Junko for the information. Wonderful coverage.

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Re: smartphone as a car key
Bert22306   10/2/2013 4:13:05 PM
I think the possibilites are endless, for schemes to open the door and start the car. I'm not sure why a smartphone would even make the top 10.

Aside from the physical key and the existing fob schemes, I could use NFC from my corporate badge or from my Metro card. I could use a barcode scheme on a card or sheet of paper, stuck to the back of my wallet. I could touch a finger to a fingerprint reader somewhere on the car, for entry and for starting the engine. I could use a retinal scan device.

Seems to me that any scheme which is purely biometric is preferable to some clunky smartphone, no?

Technology is not the obstacle here. It has to be convenience and security. And it's far better to rely on the car's battery if possible, rather than relying on a battery in the "key" device. And as always, a mechanical backup is called for, in case the battery dies.

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smartphone as a car key
junko.yoshida   10/2/2013 3:24:00 PM
Using a smartphone to get [any] job done these days seems possible. But the more I talked to people, the less excited I got with the idea. 

What's your take on this?

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