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AI-Enhanced Wearables Offer Personal Fitness Coaching

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Crusty1   1/7/2017 10:31:42 AM
Hi Max;

I am in a University fitness tracking programme for Post operative recovery. 

The step counter they sent was almost useless depending on where it was worn (simple spring weighted counter arm). So I started down a path of trying the ebay three axis offerings. Some are quite good in getting similar readings for the same walk run cycle. I can put up with not having absolute count / milage as long as the ratio of work done each day is consistent for consisten work done. 

Most of the E-bay wrist worn devices with apps to mobile phone failed due to ingress of sweat from the skin or getting wet while washing up.

Plus they needed to be recharged with a usb clip, not always useful.

Finaly I Have settled on the Withings sport trackers the one I use uses an e-ink display to conserve power. They use a conventional watch battery giving approx 8 months useage and are fully waterproof. They are consistent in their sleep tracking, walking and swimming modes and the phone app is good for keeping you trying to do more. I am presently at a distance of walking around lake Titikarkar, and so are our dogs.

I have the Withings Go model but they do some lovely true watch ones. I am hunting an unwanted Christmas present of one of watch types because as you know I hate spending money.

Though I have just ordered a Siglent TFT LCD SDS1102CML+ DSO oscilloscope today on the grounds that I need this tech.

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First of all..
antedeluvian   1/7/2017 10:02:33 AM

 I'm going to try to lay my hands on a complete setup,

If memory serves, you are going to have to get a smart phone first.

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Burning calories without noticing
perl_geek   1/6/2017 7:41:27 PM
One of the surprisingly easy ways to get some exercise and burn calories is always to take stairs rather than use elevators or escalators, if possible.Take any opportunity to do things manually rather than letting a motor do it. Even fidgeting uses calories.

Someone who is too out of shape to climb a serious distance can walk down. That begins to use calories and build muscles. After a while, the return journey become possible.

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What? No Bacon??
David_Ashton_EC   1/6/2017 7:22:36 PM
@Max... "We are now eating only healthy, organic, fresh-cooked food with no ... processed meats like bacon (sob sob)."

I was hoping to get to ESC SV this year (yeah, I know I keep saying that...) but if you are off the bacon I am sure there is not going to be much of you to see there.  (and I was going to buy you a bacon bagel too....  :-)

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realjjj   1/6/2017 6:42:51 PM
To get this out of the way, such bracelets can only be niche as long as they don't offer life saving features. Corporations and doctors might want the data but the global average Joe doesn't. You could give such bracelets for free and most would not wear them. Know plenty of folks that don't even wear their smart watches because the device doesn't offer sufficient functionality.

Addressing just the niche is fine and maybe the shoe thingy is the better choice as you "don't have to wear that stupid thing on your wrist". Maybe data that helps you avoid stressing your feet and legs would be a relevant upside. Avoiding injuries matters too. Adding temperature and humidity sensors wouldn't hurt either. It's less than optimal to focus on general fitness/health and not address the feet, legs and even the shoe.

Someone had a fitness tracking ring at CES, was too lazy to look for details but maybe you care. LOL putting one on a dog's tail would be interesting. That was a joke but maybe that's a good way to measure both the fitness and the happiness of a dog, if you can avoid annoying the dog with the sensor-might be almost impossible. Your dog has suboptimal tale wagging stats, go play with him/her!


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