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Comment: This too shall pass?

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re: Comment: This too shall pass?
kicker24   3/16/2009 11:28:09 PM
2winux: The industry live from the consumption. It is not possible to accomplish 2 tasks at once. Saving jobs and avoiding over supply are in contrary position to each other. If you think about environment you have to stop work at semi industry. I agree, the future will be different to what it was in the past. And there is no hope that everything remains the same. In global economic the only one thing will keep its priority - the growth. Everything else means death. If you are not the first one - you are nobody. Win or die - that is the slogan of our generation. To brake the rules and resurrect from that devilish phase people have to go to the post global economic stage. Which means, that not goods go easily thru the borders, but the companies and its technologies. The production will be placed where the consumption takes place. The only goods that can go thru the borders will be those which domestic production is impossible.

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