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Letter to the editor: Natural gas is the 'real' smart grid

4/8/2009 05:00 PM EDT

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re: Letter to the editor: Natural gas is the 'real' smart grid
Dr_Mark   4/9/2009 3:45:43 PM
I've been encouraging people I know to write our Congressman (Bill Posey) to push two things for natural gas vehicles: 1. Take Stimulus money to install 2 or more CNG (compressed natural gas) refueling pumps at every Interstate Service Area. This would allow interstate trucking fleets to start converting, as well as lots of commuters who pass a Service Area every day. 2. Add a variable oil import tax charged at port of entry or at the pump (computers can keep track of "foreign contect" for each oil company). Initiative #2 is so OPEC (and whoever "Big Oil" is) can't keep undermining prices to kill CNG or coal gasification (or windmills, hydro, nuclear etc) whenever the U.S. puts a serious effort on to move away from Oil. They did it in 1984-85 to kill Carter's Synthetic Fuels Corp, they did it in the late 90's to kill the California electric car mandate, and they just did it this year to kill the Pickens Plan. We're so easily manipulated and no one is smart or courageous enough to protect us poor dumb consumers. Dr Mark

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