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CES for medical

Richard Nass
1/3/2011 06:32 PM EST

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re: CES for medical
cdhmanning   1/6/2011 3:42:15 AM
Perhaps the industry have identified that the medial industry still has money to spend in the ragavged economy. Targeting tablets at medical is nothing new. Microsoft has tried, and failed, at the tablet game at least three times in the past. In most of those attempts, tablets were being promoted as being a good way to handle patient data in hospitals etc. with each doctor/nurse having a tablet. There have been three large stumbling blocks in the past: 1) Data integrity. Throwing out paper files and replacing with a huge realtime database is perceived to be incredibly risky. 2) Battery life: most medical staff work shifts of up to 12 hours. Most tablets can't run for a 12 hour shift on one battery. 3) Cost, weight and fragility: A tablet is heavy, will break if dropped and is a great target for theft.

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