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A Clean Slate for CES

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re: A Clean Slate for CES
SylvieBarak   1/3/2013 9:29:34 PM
Hopefully they will be less "hidden" (the gems) if the surge of bodies abates a bit this year...

old account Frank Eory
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re: A Clean Slate for CES
old account Frank Eory   1/4/2013 10:37:36 PM
Don't forget that 4K or "UHDTV" will be something new to see this year. It would also be nice to see some significant advances in technologies that "make all your devices work together" and smart home or home automation or whatever it's called now -- they really need to come up with a better name for that whole category! Hopefully we will see something new in wearable electronics for health/fitness/medical. Today's products like the Up, the Nike+ and the FitBit stuff are good starts, but not nearly yet where they need to be for the mainstream. Also, something along the lines of Google Glass would be exciting. Another cool thing to see will be autonomous cars. In the No More Please category, one wish I have is for a lot less 3D TV. It's old news and it's time to move on -- unless there's something really compelling that doesn't require glasses. Likewise, another endless parade of Android tablets & phones will elicit a lot of yawns, but it would be cool to play with some models running Win 8. As for your wish to have less of a surge of bodies this year, don't count on it. Attendance gets bigger every year. Unfortunately the LVCC does not :(

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