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Is There a TEG in Your Power Future?

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A new breed
chanj0   5/7/2014 11:56:29 AM
I have seen this kind of stove a couple years back in camping store. On the first sight, it is impressive although I am not too sure I am enjoying putting my smartphone near a gas stove. Not to mention, I typically don't connect well in most of my camping trip. it is my objective of camping, the wilderness life. Holding on the unit for a couple of minutes, my engineering mind kicks in. I wonder the efficiency and by conservation of energy, I can't imagine the charging power is as good as the other alternative. I'm happy to see this artcle and the analysis that you have done. It confirms my thought.

The stove charger might not be as good. The emergency radio, flashlight, USB with solar panel and handcrank are much more impressive device. I haven't tried the USB charging yet. Radio and flashlight works quite well. 20-30 turns of the crank, you get some good light. Radio works well under the sun.

Most products are a breed of combination - putting 2 products together effectively. The challenge to the makers is whether their products deliver customer expectations.

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