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400 Gbit Ethernet: The Next Leap

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Do we really need that 400G ?
prabhakar_deosthali   8/13/2014 2:01:41 AM
If any one just monitors his/her Inbox , for every genuine email there are almost 20 SPAM and univited emails pushed into your mailbox.

 If we extrapolate this , almost 95% of email internet traffic is junk.

 Similar scenario can be found in other traffic such as video downloads by individuals, the same old jokes making rounds of message boxes and overfilling them, Gbs and gbs of emails lying in everybody's mailboxes unread and undeleted just because of the laziness of the users to do some housekeeping on the regular basis, thousands of photos on each facebbok page lying unseen and what not.


Isn,t it an utter misuse of the available resources just because the users are getting them free  ( free email accounts with unlimited storage, free FB accounts again with unlimited storage)


And here we are scratching our heads as to how to go to next level of the bandwidth, the next level of storage, the next levl of data centers..


Isn't this a right time to make the people understand the valeue of the resources they are using( wasting is the right word) by making such services chrageable.


I am sure the internet bandwidth , whatever is available today will be much more than sufficient if we do way with these free services available on internet.


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Why not an easier path to 1Tb/s
Bert22306   8/12/2014 8:21:39 PM
Looks like the oddity of 40Gb/s Ethernet, which doesn't fit in the powers of 10 scheme Ethernet has used in the past for speed increments, has become perpetuated. It would seem more logical to introduce a 500Gb/s version, instead of 400G, which would then give you an easy path to the 1Tb/s level.

Two lanes of 500G seem infintely easier than 10 lanes of 100G!

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