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Betting Big on HD-to-Ultra HDTV Transition

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Re: UltraHD content ?
Anand.Yaligar   8/17/2014 8:55:54 AM
@Loek: i couldn't agree more. With companies churning out UHD TVs, the source of UHD is still not determined, since most broadcast companies do not have UHD capable recording devices. One thing more, UHD TV's have to come with great surround sound, because buying a costly UHD TV only to buy another stereo system for 3D surround sound is deal breaking.

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Ultra HD content
jmcleod951   8/15/2014 3:28:16 PM
Television set manufacturers are faced with the reality that HDTV sales has peaked and is no longer growing. They've seen in Ultra HD a means of getting consumers to begin a new buying cycle replacing HD with Ultra HD. To convince consumers to make this transition has required set makers to get content owners to make Ultra HD content available. This is borne out by recent reports from market research firms. In a recent comment in UHD/4K Reporter: Issue 091 "Weekly Reports from the UHD front" (

"UHD set makers are vigorously looking for more quality UHD content. ABI Research's practice director Sam Rosen said Samsung and Sony are doing everything in their power to seed the market with 4K content and services in order to convince consumers to purchase higher priced and higher margin 4K TV sets. Sony, with its motion picture division, is in a good position and has released a significant amount of remastered content on a download-based movie player. Meanwhile, Samsung, in a similar fashion, offered early adopters a free USB HDD with two full-length 4K videos and additional 4K clips, he said."

This relationship between content suppliers and television set makers is symbiotic in that content suppliers can offer their content (video of demand with a fee) directly to the consumer via an App on the Smart TV. The set maker makes out because he gets a portion of the revenue the consumer pays the content supplier. In this sense, the television set maker could make more from revenue sharing than from selling the tv. Expect to see more of this happening as Ultra HD TV sets begin shipping in September ahead of the Chrismas buying season.

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Content is King
jeffa4444   8/15/2014 6:23:26 AM
Whilst many shows shoot 4K the majority post in 2K and the majority of HD content broadcast is less than 2K. Nearly all repeats are SD from past catalogues and modern TVs dont actually display this material very well as their resolution is biased towards HD or in the case of Ultra HD 4K.

Utopia exists in the minds of TV set manufacturers but in reality Ultra HD in practical  terms is some way off. As to NHK and Super HD (8K) we cannot handle multi-channel 2K very well so 8K has no chance. 

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UltraHD content ?
Loek.Frederiks_#2   8/15/2014 4:53:25 AM
Here in the Netherlands broadcasters are still writing off their investiments in SD studio and camera equipment, even worse Dutch national TV has only one HD-capable studio and can only service one HD broadcast at a time.

Movies, sports are in HD, but taped broadcasts and most live stuff is still in glorious SD. This is a big difference with the US. Appearently production companies still charge a premium for a HD production. Personally, make no sense to me.. given the fact that the consumer market has completely switched to HD.

I wish manufacturers good luck with UHD sets. Likely, production costs for UHD sets will drop down so fast that it doesn't make sense to manufacture HD sets anymore. However, I'm afraid we will be watching upscaled HD content or possibly even SD stuff for quite some time to come....

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