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Marc Laventurier
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Re: The Insanity of Things
Marc Laventurier   1/12/2015 3:06:15 PM
A squid eating dough in a polyethylene CES swagbag...

CC VanDorne
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With all the momentum...
CC VanDorne   1/12/2015 1:56:52 PM
...behind it, propelled by all those highly paid thinkers and doers of things, this "IoT" will turnout to be something.  But right now it looks to me to be a perverbial tail trying to wag the dog that is pushing the cart before the horse.

<I've been wanting to mix those metephores for years.  Thanks, EETimes.>

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The Insanity of Things
DougInRB   1/12/2015 1:40:44 PM
Thank you David for taking a poke at all this insanity.

My only complaint on the article is that you didn't find a way to work in the Isley Brothers classic.  Nevertheless...


It's your thing

Do what you wanna do

I can't tell you

Who to sock it to




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The IoT will not be what we imagine
spike_johan   1/12/2015 9:02:31 AM
I am a EE with over 30 years of hands-on comm design experience and call me skeptical but I do not foresee the IoT being useful anywhere except in large scale industrial or ag-business applications.

The usefulness of the IoT for the average guy  - the house, the car kind of thing - is going to turn out to be nothing more than another additional burden of more electronic data; not to mention, more devices to manage.

And the idea of everything talking to everything is both nonsensical and impractical. And the idea that the IoT is going to transform society and make everyone's life better is pure hooey.

The PC was supposed to set us free. But the exact opposite happened. All of us ended up working more hours, enabled with all the new productivity tools. For example, when I started my career, senior engineers had a staff: a designer (or two), draftsmen, and an admin. That staff slowly melted away as the tools matured: AutoCad, Microsoft Word/Excel, and so on.

Please read Frank daCosta's excellent book 'Rethinking the Internet of Things' if you want to get a true expert's opinion on the practicality of how the IoT should be best implemented.


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It was never really the Internet of people
Bert22306   1/11/2015 6:16:59 PM
You seemed to hit the one sore spot for me, on this IoT hype. The Internet was always about things. It originally tied together computers from various universities and military sites, it soon tied together machinery, sensors, and consoles, in industrial and military settings, not to mention printers and scanners in offices and homes.

E-mail may have been the original "killer app" that made computers popular for the masses, but that's just an app running over the network. And for sure, Facebook is the same thing. I was communicating with a remote "computer in the cloud," as today's lexicon would tell us, even way back in the early 1970s, BEFORE using Internet protocols for this, on an X.25 network.

Not disputing that these "things" are becoming increasingly prevalent - they are - but I'm most definitely disputing that the nature of the Internet has changed, from "people" to "things." It simply ain't so.

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