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Apple Seen from Above, Inside

Flying over Apple's spaceship
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rick merritt
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rick merritt   1/23/2015 11:20:32 AM
askubel said:

"a "MacBook Touch" or "iPad Pro" with some different form factor, that will use the A9 and run iOS."

Interesting idea...Like the phablet is there something between an iPad and a Macbook Air?

BTW, Apple did make a transition from the PowerPC to the x86 so the software work--while hard--is something it has some institutional memory with.

Of course at that time it had the advantage of embracing the wider ecosystem of x86 software. This time I suppose it could pitch it is embaracing the wider ecosystem of iOS apps.

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askubel   1/22/2015 5:37:41 PM
I can't imagine Apple simply discontinuing x86 in Mac. This move would force a large number of their users (myself included) off their platform entirely. 

First, let's assume for now that everything  (performance,etc) stays the same except the architecture. There would still be a massive task of recompiling code for ARM, rewriting optimized x86 assembly, and redistributing applications. While developers undertake this task (or abstain from doing so), consumers would find their application selection very lacking. iOS apps would fill some of the gap, but most of those are not optimized for the laptop interface. 

Second, A lot of people use Mac's to run Windows applications in a virtual OS, or via bootcamp. Switching to the A9 would eliminate this possibility entirely, and thus force consumers onto Windows machines. 

Third, no matter how impressive Apple's SoC's have been, they still can't compete with Intel's mobile CPU's. I would be thrilled to see them outperform Intel, but they'd need almost an order of magnitude increase in power. That's unlikely to happen in a single generation, especially because Intel isn't sitting still. 

What I see as more likely is the introduction of a "MacBook Touch" or "iPad Pro" with some different form factor, that will use the A9 and run iOS. 

But OSX on ARM? I think we all learned from Windows RT...


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Quite logical
_hm   1/21/2015 6:42:29 PM
Your predictions for A series looks quite logical and Apple wil mostly move in that direction. Will it reduce price for end user?


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