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Sensor Data Analytics -- Unlocking Value in 'Big Data'

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Marc Laventurier
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Marc Laventurier   6/1/2015 11:26:10 AM
Ian's fine survey of considerations relevant to IoT deployment may have only implicitly touched on a key and likely inevitable long-term potential: the society/system wide aggregation and integration of such diverse data for the evolution of both domain and meta-models based on measured 'global' outcomes, especially in the life & health sciences.  

The charter for such an 'information utility' could be framed in such a way as to involve the familiar entrepreneurial tech model, and/or could also adopt a parallell academic approach focused directly on the greatest beneficial outcomes rather than profit.  Personally, I'd like to think that such an inevitable(?) development in human history could escape and even replace the perversions of both govenment control and private rent-seeking and focus on measurable benefits under an impeccably ethical methodology.  I've even coined cute terms for such technology - 'teleocom', and the cloud becomes the 'meaning machine'. Maybe too cute...

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