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When 3D Printing Meets PCBs

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bch777   5/20/2016 10:58:09 AM
These guys have been capturing headlines since early 2015 and according to this article the platform will not be available until late 2016?  This is going to be a difficult sell even to the casual designer since the web is full of quick turn PWB shops with increasingly complex brd capabilities.  For a few hundred dollars and a few days one can instantly quote and intitiate micro boards up to 26 layers, with 0.002" lines and spaces with a wire bondable/solderable finish.  

If this organization desires to gain the trust and respect from the electronics manufacturing community the stop allowing the COB to write the articles, stop demonstrating at shows like CES, and stop presenting this platform as a one stop solution for decades of PWB technologies.  Consider presenting at IMAPS and SEMICON, particpate in IPC and address the facts directly.  Nano inks are not solderable, silver migrates, and forget about reliability.  What is the CTE of this misterious dielectric that they are printing?  Share some real data and please ask real questions before publishing.  For the hobbiest pick up some copper clad and pattern the board yourself or better yet, reach for the breadboard.    

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3D Printing
mtmt70a0   4/26/2016 9:47:38 AM
Just think of the waste reduction from the current PCB Fabrication Wet Process that could be driven by 3D Printing of PCBs for low volume applciatons.

Plating Acids, Metal drag-thru in rinse water, Copper Etchents ect..

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