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Lessons That Carmakers Can Learn from the Mobile Industry

Martin Focazio
4/18/2017 04:45 PM EDT

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I Don't Get Revenue Stream For Them?
CMercs   4/25/2017 4:32:17 PM
IMHO, people don't care about the OS on their car. They care about the OS on their phone and they want compatibility with their Car.  I want to plug my phone in and have it work seemlessly with my car. I want to be able to use the same apps on my phone on my car and vice a versa, where relevant of course.

Many radios are equipped with Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay and the user get's to choose.  This is how it should be on all cars. I replace my phone more often then my car, I want them to always work together no matter what.  When I brought my year old 30k Nissan Maxima in because people couldn't hear me on my bluetooth, I was told that my brand new phone was not on their very short list of compatible phones.  This is unacceptable.

Auto makers can differentiate themselves by investing in Apps and Features which is less expensive than OS development.

Speaking of which I'm curious about your assertion that Automakers will lose money by not owning the Dash OS. Are you talking about an industry standard OS that the car manufacturers customize (which, by the way, is exactly what Android and Apple are creating)? Historically Auto Manufacturing is heavily silo'd. And they agree on nothing but the bare minimum.  Wheels, Pedals, Steering Wheel and .... and.... whatever else is legally required and that's about it.  Everything else is up for refactoring, and has at some point to varying degrees of success been refactored. So how do you think it's feasible that they'd agree on a car OS.

The best thing to do for them and us is to take it out of their hands and let Google, Apple and Microsoft (they got in their first) fight it out.  Really the solution is for Google, Apple and Microsoft to enforce an interoperbility standard (API) that all car manufacturers use to communicate and let the user choose which OS interface they want to use.  

Manufacturer would add features as in Dash Apps and call it a day. Then they can focus ond doing what they do best, making faster more fuel efficient and comfortable transportation.

sw guy
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Just an opinion
sw guy   4/20/2017 7:07:34 AM
For phones not to be able to interoperate is seriously bad because it goes against their "raison d'être"

For desktop computer to have different data formats is bad because it make data exchange harder

But why should one bother that softwares highly differ between cars ?
Ergonomy will drive user interfaces, as it does from beginnng of car building
(Not all "prehistorical" cars had steering wheel, bit it was at once obvious what interface device was the best. Anyway, what is beside today's steering wheel greatly differs betwwen cars, it does not matter to drivers)

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Best Auto OS ..
jae   4/18/2017 8:42:34 PM
Just an opinion but Blackberry's QNX started out as a better (faster) Unix and is built expressly for realtime and has been in the game for longest, I think.  So even though it's proprietary it may end up as the Android for cars.  'Course.  My opinion comes from that I programmed a videotex system using QNX around 1985.

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