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Re-Thinking Supply Lines for Long-Overdue PCB Modernization

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Re: US suppliers
elizabethsimon   5/8/2017 6:16:32 PM

Yes, you can still get PCBs made in US. The company I work for has at least one and possibly both major PCB suppliers building boards in the US, Of course, we don't make high volume consumer products so we don't have to get every last penny out of the cost. The boards are also assembled in the US.

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US suppliers
resistion   5/6/2017 11:43:29 PM
I still think you can get custom PCBs in US. No one is forcing anyone to choose Chinese sources. Mass production (of anything) requires mass cost expense, that can only be minimized in China.

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It's always cheaper in China.....
EELoser   5/4/2017 2:30:32 PM
In China they dump the used chemicals out the window or into a nearby stream.  They also use female 8 year old's for their labor and feed them Ramen.  If an employee dies or falls into a vat, just go down to the corner and get another one.  They are disposable.

Kind of like the illegal Mexicans reshingling my roof right now.  When one falls off my roof I just call the supervisor and he goes down to the Home Depot where they loiter and finds another one.

You can save a lot of money this way. 

And I can brag that 5 people died to reshingle my roof.

It's good that we have so many people on this earth so I can have a cheaper roof.



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Cost drivers in PCB production?
perl_geek   5/4/2017 2:18:52 PM
What are the factors that drive costs in PCB production? From a position of complete ignorance, it looks as though it could be largely automated, in which case low wages are not a great benefit. That would make local production in North America economic, with turn-round times and transportation costs as local advantages.   (Presumably, bare boards are one thing, populated ones are another?)

If populating boards manually is a significant factor, then cheap, dextrous people are needed, and it makes sense to produce low-value components local to them. (High-value/weight components can be air-freighted from anywhere it makes sense to produce them.)

Does anyone have a realistic breakdown (that they are willing to share), of the costs involved in producing a design, say a PC motherboard?

Developments such as desk-top CNC machines probably change the economics of the development cycle. CAD files proved on small machines can be taken on to much faster production facilities.

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