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IoT Devices: Most Initially Fail EMI Testing

Dorine Gurney
6/14/2017 10:00 AM EDT

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Forrest Erickson
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Article Rquest, How To Use Vector Signal Analizer
Forrest Erickson   6/22/2017 11:49:13 AM
It has been some years since I worked with a network analizer and I am feeling fuzzy and I have never worked with a Vector Signal Analizer.

An article on how to use these equpment types to find and fix electro magnetic compatibility problems would be of help.



Don Herres
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"All circuit boards are antennas ..."
Don Herres   6/15/2017 5:59:02 PM
"All circuit boards are antennas, most were not intended to be."  I am not sure who said this originally, but the advice has been around for many years.

While the article points out the advantages of prequalified RF modules and antennas, the rest of the device can easily cause failures.  I once worked on a device that did not have any external communication but inadvertently caused EMI problems.  Similar versions tested at 3 different labs by customers had 2 pass and 1 fail even though all 3 had the problem.  I corrected it for all versions, but I did not feel compelled to argue with the other two labs about what was missed.

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