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Video, Where Is Your Metadata?

David Newman
6/6/2017 08:00 AM EDT

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Metadata done right...
tomchurchill   6/8/2017 3:20:31 PM
Indeed, GoPro largely nailed it -- while there are an increasing number of video cameras that claim GPS capability, they are generally disfunctional in some important aspect.  As the article points out, embedding the metadata within the recording itself solves lots of problems and simplifies the ability for other applications to take advantage of it.

We've been highly impressed with what we've seen and have been supporting GoPro HERO5 videos in our video management solution for some time.  Burning data into video may enable a person looking at it to makes sense of it, but it's not anything a computer can use.  Placing the information users care about in the metadata however, means that it can be indexed and searched and thus used to answer questions -- "how many minutes last month was a patrol car in a particular area?", or "Do we have any video showing this area taken recently?".

We have several examples of GoPro geospatial video online here:

And would love to see more.


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