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IoT Gets Wake Up Call from Reaper

Jeff Finn, Zvelo
10/27/2017 10:45 AM EDT

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jfinnzvelo   10/30/2017 1:53:01 PM
Olaf - thanks for your comment.  At the IoT market development is still very early stage, device manufacturers (particularly devices oriented towards the smarthome) are focusing on market adoption and growing market share by having the lowest price with the easiest user experience.  Adding security into the design or development adds costs that raise prices, while also adding perceived complexity to the user experience.  This isn't necessarily the case, but that's a widespread perception.  So, there is neither a financial incentive or customer satisfaction incentive to add security into the devices at this time. It will likely take a series of headline news and widespread attacks to wake up the consumers/buyers of IoT devices.  Remember, in many/most cases, the owner of the device may have little awareness that their IoT devices are capable of such misdeeds, let alone performing them.  THey may read about some botnet attack on some government agency's website, or some big publisher or an ecommerce site, but if their lightbulb, thermostat, doorlock, video camera, etc. is still performing it's main function, the owner may have zero awareness or suspicions that the IoT device is contributing to the attack.  It's going to be a very big challenge to educate the market/owners of IoT devices that they need to make security a priority in their buying decision.  

Olaf Barheine
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Olaf Barheine   10/28/2017 5:35:20 AM
Ignorance? Naivety? Incompetence? Greed for profit? Or what are the reasons? I will probably never understand why manufacturers bring insecure devices to market, endangering users and others and putting their own reputation at risk. Consumers have meanwhile lost a lot of trust in the IoT. What a pity!

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