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IoT Skill Shortage Ahead

P.K. Agarwal
11/28/2017 08:00 AM EST

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Paul Bryson
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Negative Engineering Stereotypes
Paul Bryson   12/4/2017 4:37:15 PM
From the article:  "...IoT and AI also involve handling sensitive data and humanitarian issues these areas require candidates that have soft skills..." "...I believe we should look to those who lack traditional STEM backgrounds..."

The idea of training non-technical people to perform technical tasks is misguided.  If those people had interest in and aptitude for technological employment, they wouldn't have chosen to study liberal arts.  Without natural aptitude and drive they will never be more than mediocre engineers.

Strongly implied by the author is the idea that liberal arts majors are better able than scientists and engineers to make ethical or "humanitarian" decisions.  The author is unfairly generalizing based on negative stereotypes of engineers.  As an engineer, I find this offensive.  And as a counter argument, since scientists and engineers have, on average, higher IQ's than liberal arts majors - they should be MORE capable of making these determinations.

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What's an IoT professional?
Measurement.Blues   12/1/2017 4:52:25 PM
What's an IoT professional? What should one put on a resume?

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No problem
Measurement.Blues   12/1/2017 4:49:34 PM
We hear there will be plenty of jobs in coal mines soon.

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