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National Security vs. Job Creation

Foreign capital investment drives innovation, opens markets and creates jobs
Ray Bingham
12/8/2017 04:01 PM EST

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photonic   12/10/2017 5:23:13 PM
1. Engineering jobs have and are being off-shored. This occured because US tech companies wanted to sell to China. Chinese engineers were much cheaper than US engineers and using Chinese engineering helped sell to China. 2. Chinese investment money is not intended to improve the US economy, just as US investement was not intended to improve the Chinese economy but to take advantage of their cheap engineering labor and to help sell their product to China. But that has backfired as China has no intention to let US companies monopolize their markets. They have instead built a world class engineering labor force educated at the expense of US companies at the same time as many US engineers no longer had anything to work on and were laid off. My hat is off to China. Very smart. 3. Chinese companies do not require any "forcing to come up to speed". They are quite good at that on their own. 4. Can you please be specific as to exactly what the right kind of "foreign investement" is. Would that involve selling Lattice Semiconductor? 5. As for how private equity companies achieve their returns they do so by leveraging a valuable company to pay off themselves and some investors in the short term. They do not increase R&D investment but rather sell off under performing assets. 

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