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State of the Maker Movement in Germany

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Not my RadioShake
DigitalEngineer   12/19/2017 1:00:20 PM
In the early 80's as a kid, I used to bike-ride 70-km (one-way) just to get a lousy BC105 at the Conrad Shop in Nuremberg. I really loved it.

Around 2010 I was organizing a maker robotic club at the local University and the students really hated Conrad, because it was way too expensive compared to others ...

I guess around 2014\5 I was trying to convince the local Conrad guys to add Arduinos to their shop, they were way behind others in adding maker gadgets such as Arduinos.

Today, you get overprized maker stuff, things you through away once they don't work anymore, like simple robots, but once you are above entry level, you are clearly lost as a maker at Conrad.

Oh, I ordered on Sunday, and still have no reply if the order gets through (it is almost Wednesday), but tons of spam emails. I should have ordered from others, but it was just some very basic stuff and for some historical reasons I love the shop.

Greedings from Munich, the capital of Bavaria.

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