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Tethering a Quadcopter for Longer Flight Times

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How to make it work the first time, or close to the first time.
WKetel   9/24/2013 4:53:11 PM
In odreder to make it fly with remote power you need to have the cable light enough so that it can be lifted, and you also need to be able to supply enough voltage at the required currentm draw. So you must find out the current draw at the required voltage. And you must determine the amount of lifting force available. If the cable is going to be so small that it has a big amount of voltage drop, then the power supply must deliver enough voltage to compensate for that voltage drop, and it must have enough currnt capacity to supply the needed voltage while delivering that current. Besides that, the weight of the selected cable must be less than the available lifting force.

Calculating or measuring these three things will allow a reasonable chance of a first-time success. Starting to try without knowing those three things is just an excercise in wasting time and effort. You might possibly be lucky and find something that works, but probably not. Which your first few attempts showed.

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Absolutely dumbfounding
JamesBurt   3/13/2014 3:39:20 PM
This video is absolutely dumbfounding to me.  

For some reason this video is posted all over the internet, in some places with a 10 minute introduction where the "experimenters" spew forth all their supposed "credentials".


In the end, they simply proved that yes, you can plug an ac adaptor into a battery powered device, and the ac adaptor will last longer than the battery.  What an EARTH SHATTERING revelation!


Amazingly, all their "credentials" failed to help them realize what an 8th grade hobbyist realizes.... a device with a larger battery needs a larger ac adaptor....and that there is current loss through cables (head plant!).  I half-expect them to try to start their automobile with a 9v transistor battery next!


Then, they went on to proudly display their "achievements" (and lack of basic knowledge) by posting this all over the internet...  LoL.


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