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ESC keynoter sees 'arms race' with cyber attackers

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re: ESC keynoter sees 'arms race' with cyber attackers
RWatkins   9/22/2011 6:34:29 PM
Pffffffffft! The ONLY reason for such vulnerabilities is for the "convenience" and/or economic gain of those designing such equipment or software for it. If a device merely provides data when requested by an authorized requestor, and merely saves data when provided by an authorized source, and never allows updating its software/firmware without physical interaction by an operator, only receiving such updates from a local source of such data... At that point the device is truly secure, and the only holes in that security are present through indirect attacks via data storage devices used for program transfer. A simple, non-published and non-standard, program update interface will take care of preventing any but internal personnel access to the code for purposes of attack. What is so hard? Oh, you say "Updates can't be done via the internet!"? I say GREAT!!! I don't want my toaster, microwave, oven, hot water heater, solar electric power controller, etc. (or ones I might design with your design tools) to EVER be a subject to such issues. I am willing to pay postage/shipping to ensure that I get only updates originating from my equipment manufacturer. And, if updates are extremely critical, there is overnight shipping.

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