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Fake Chips on Amazon Are Nothing New

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Les_Slater   7/25/2017 8:52:24 AM
I remember hearing about manufacturing rejects being packaged, marked and interjected into supply chain as fully tested devices. This being done by someone that had access to production facility.

While working at a subsidiary of GE somewhere around the begining of this millenium that purchasing management would buy from unauthorized suppliers to save a buck. This caused serious problems.

I also remember parts from manufacturers authorized distribution not meeting published specs. In one case the manufacturer admitted the parts did not meet specs but REFUSED to test to those specs, even for an additional cost. They also refused to change the spec sheet.

Going way back, I remember finding Intel 8085 chip crystal oscillator circuit not always working. Intel recomended changing a capacitor value in that circuit but never changed the spec. I ended up disqualifying Intel as a vendor and went with NEC that second sourced a chip that met Intel's spec. 

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Approved/Fanchised Vendors Only?
nick_rb   7/25/2017 6:32:04 AM
Considering that most of the authorised distributors or the manufacturers themselves do not test returned goods, this method of contaminating the supply chain has also been used against trusted vendors. The way to purchase authentic and reliable parts is in fact to audit your vendor, and then perform incoming inspection (typically visual and X-ray inspection, then a mix of SAM, I(V)/functional testing and decapsulation, or more depending on the application). Just trusting somebody because he is "authorised" is a recipe for disaster, especially when the supply chain is under allocation.

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