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JEDEC Announces Support for Hybrid NVDIMM Modules

Viking's ArxCis-NV DDR3 NVDIMM.
Viking's ArxCis-NV DDR3 NVDIMM.

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Gil Russell
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Re: Can't believe my eyes JEDEC now supports more
Gil Russell   6/5/2015 11:45:06 AM
JEDEC meetings are closed to the press...,

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Can't believe my eyes JEDEC now supports more
Lionlair   6/2/2015 3:04:06 PM
I was a long time, 4 company, member of the JEDEC group.  Membership in numerous committees.   JEDEC has always supported a wide arena of topics concerning computers and components.  The Levels group determine what the specifications are for device families.  This is a broad reaching semiconductor set of specificatons.  For many years Motherboards were defined and designed there in another committee.  SRAM in a committee, DRAM in a comittee and a module committee that was SIMMS, DIMMS, SODIMMS, etc.  Connectors and all sorts of things are designed.  Every hear of USB ?  

So when I hear JEDEC is breaking out of just doing DIMMS it is a Single committee, the DIMM committee - that made module designs for every kind of DRAM you might come up with.  It is an International Joint design committee and members from around the world attend and go home with 'home work' to solve for the committee's next meeting or before a certain date.    It has been a decade since I was last a member, but recall many a long week of working out issues in various committees.
  -I simply shake my head and suggest the author get permission to attend the weeklong meeting in comming months.


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